La Lagunita, what moves people, and why kids think food comes from supermarkets – Or, The Future of Man

la lagunitaThe cleansing of the Lagoon was on November 19th.  I was both pleased and saddened by the results.  For one, I was completely blown away by how beautiful a place it really is, and nestled in the heart of a city no less!  On the other hand, it took me aback at how unabashedly people simply through trash and refuse of all sorts in the mix without a second thought, so much so that they were dropping bottles before as I was bedding down to scoop them up.

I had a thought this morning while taking a shower, trying to wash the cold from my body via a hot shower.  It harkens back to “The Boondock Saints”.

In the opening of the we see the “Saints crossing them selves in the church as the Priest speaks loud his sermon on the evil of men and how the most evil is that of indifference.  Never before has this simple idea struck me to the core as it has this day in relation to the Lagoon.  All of us toil and delight in misery simply that we may get a few extra coins so we may travel to some exotic destination simply enjoy the fruits of its natural beauty.  And yet, in every town I have been to so far IN MY LIFE, there are to this very day, innumerable spots of exquisite and serene calm with an abundance of nature, and yet, many do nothing to stop these from being paved over, and only once the last cement truck has left the scene and the green grass grows no more, do we see people come aplenty with signs and banners decrying the evils of the developer and their minions.

Does no one see the foolishness in this?  Is it so hard to realize that the hell we find ourselves living in is constructed simply due to the fact we take no pride in constructing our lives according to our choosing.  We simply sit back and allow other hands to shape our existence though we know the potential for disaster this invites!  If you live in hell, it is only because you were a willing participant in its creation through your very indifference to whom was erecting the walls!

As I walked though the lagoon, the sheer volume of glass was startling and at the same time amazing.  Blessed is he who would dare tread that earth with feet bare.  Bags of trash, bags of trash carefully buried and hidden, amazing, never once realizing that this is one of the most beautiful natural areas in THE WHOLE OF ENSENADA!  You would think that at least some greenpreneur would have come along by now and done something with this, sadly no, instead you see 4 wheeler tours ripping through, people having bottle throwing contests using the birds as targets and an impromptu city dump.  Why not do these things in the actual city.  its already wrecked, full of concrete and shoddy roads, litter those areas with your waste and refuse.  I find it hard to believe that everyone in this town is so dense!

Further, I look at the money the city of Ensenada dumps into keeping the little strips of green which divide the roads precisely that, green, such care in landscaping, watering daily and every other day, replanting, etc.  YOU HAVE AN ENTIRE LAGOON IN YOUR CITY LIMITS!  All that needs to be done is that it be kept clean.  Steer the tourists that way, contact the Audobon Society, goodness, you have 140 varieties of bird and 17 are on the soon to be dead list!  Use your brains and start to figure this out, become a bastion of learning for the rest of the civilized* world!

The turnout for the clean up was, at my distress, much less than I had anticipated, this is distressing, because it means that people do not care.  You get half the city to go to the grand opening of Costco and yet, whe it comes to something natural, different story entirely.  It was a combined effort of Arte y Medio Ambiente en Armonio (cant find web site=), Vamos a Limpiar La Lagunita (, Philanthropiece (, Haciendo lo Neccesario (, Costasalvaje (, Surfrider (, of course, Pedaling for Peace ( and others….  And yet, very small turn out.  some of the schools who agreed to come, did not, this si the only truly saddening thing about the day for me.  If we want a different world for ourselves and our children, how will we go about achieving this lofty aim if we do not teach our children differently?!?  Is it really such rocket science these days?  Has the Television and the talking heads of politics really corroded the fundamental moral character of the average human to the point that we truly do not know which way is up any longer.  Are we SO AFRAID to look into our own GUT and see the answer for ourselves…

I wonder.  every year,more and more school children around the world believe that food comes from a grocery store.  If this continues, a large majority of you will be, excuse the french, righteously f&%$ed!  Remember, the hell for the man while lives by indifference is his own life.

make a choice, your life depends on it.  Aloha, I hope to see you at the next clean up in March 2012.  Dont for a minute think you are immune to what is coming.


*I use this word EXTREMELY LOOSELY


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