Someday I will see a design that will make me quiet with awe at the workings not only of man, but of the universe.

Someday I will undersdtand why Robert Frey was murdered when he had been at my birthday party only a few weeks ago.

Someday I will understand why I choose to drink at times, realizing now that my last moments with Robert Frey were spent being drunk and not drinking in the life which he had to share at that moment, which I will never get the chance to share in again…  That being said, we had a great time together, so why beat myself up….?

Someday I will not chastise myself for being me, for drinking, for smoking weed, for not following conventional wisdom, the very same wisdom which gave us racism, nuclear weapons and competition to the point that we judge one another based on clothing labels…..

Someday I will be a true human, until then, I remain a shadow begging to see the sun, never realizing that it is the sun which allows me to be and once I see it, I will be no more…. maybe thats the point….

Someday I will understand why whenever the Country of Mexico wants to use the iumage of the Virgin Mary they have to pay China rights to use it….  As Kurt Vonnegut says, “I had to laugh”.



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