Tres Chihuahuas Zombie Felices y un Pollo Enojado [three happy zombie chihuahuas and one angry chicken – the name of my hot sauce I will make soon=]

Bites, I get them daily from such an assortment of critters and it got me thinking this morning, why is getting bitten such a rarity in the States for the most part.
2 things with that as best I can discern.  A. most of my time in America is usually spent in a city, in cities, most things are dead or “Zombified“.  There are multiple pages in the phone book solely dedicated to the eradication and continued war effort against all things not human of domesticated, well, thats not true, there are other pages which deal with those as well.  You get my point, in cities as best we can, if it doesnt fit in to our immediate life, it is eradicated or targeted for eradication.
Bugs, insects, rodents, squirrels, birds (primarily pigeons), homeless people, etc.  Since we buy our food from a grocery store, we have lost the understanding of the key role something as simple as an earthworm, or an ant plays in the production of said food, well, thats not entirely true as most of us eat food which has been genetically programmed to grow better with heavy doses of round-up in soil laden with petro-chemical fertilizer, watered with petro-chemical insecticide by guys in yellow hazmat suits you would otherwise only see in movies dealing with mutant zombies from a top secret government disaster.  But, now these same guys water our food.  Unless they are illegal immigrant help, then they get a bandanna and a fuck you on the way back down south when growing season is over and they are not needed any longer.  And yeah, thats the truth, you help it become a reality by remaining ignorant.
And it's totally normal.
So normal we are stymied and mystified whenever we go to our grocery store and dont see fresh mangoes in the middle of January, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which I dont think actually has a single mango tree in the whole state.
I'm going on again arent I...
I'm still waiting for my website to be re-done, amazing this process, it has taken over a year now to get my site fully live, functional and up to date.  I used to get very frustrated about the whole thing.  Now I could care less, and not in an “I don’t care” sense, I do, I am simply no longer stressed about it… truly, yes, I am writing about it, but it is mainly to give you, the reader, some insight into the illustrious "behind the scenes" action on the Pedaling for Peace mission.  Websites, made for free, take a very, very, very long time to see the light of day.  
One of the upsides to this painfully at first and now comically slow process, is how it finally put everything into perspective.
How many of you have really traveled?  Not on a cruise boat or to resorts, but actually got to another country, hung out with locals/natives who were not obscenely wealthy and lived for a bit.....?  If you have not, be careful the conversations you get into with REAL people, they will see you for what you are if you try to bluff your way into being a person in the know.  Just trying to help, I finally see it.  And I am only in my first major stop outside of the US.  Travel with my first two wives and the US Navy notwithstanding, they really werent what is happening now.  I am seeing the world from a different perspective.
What is happening now.  Well, I am here for a bit.  Initially it was to help to save a lagoon, La Lagunita.  Well, that has not been the overwhelming success I had reckoned on.  Getting cooperation from people here and people in the states has been underwhelming at best and I have come to a point where I simply don’t care (this time it is in the “I don’t care“ sense).  You see, I now believe that as with any other human condition we place upon ourselves, one basic rule applies to the masses.  
You wont miss it till it's gone.  And then, well, of course it will be too late=]
I really believe this now from the depths of my being.  If people dont want to simply send out e-mails for one another to help save the last little bit of something green in thier town, far be it from me to hoot and hollar.  I used to be number one hooter/hollalalrer, but this is wasted energy.  All of this being said, it does seem to be slowly moving in the right direction.  You see, lots of people are interested in saving this lagoon, afterall, it gives people something to do!  So, many little organizations are doing their part to clean up, hoot and hollar.  I’m thinking, well if all of you have a common aim, COME TOGETHER.  I think I can help make this happen…
Enough talk about this, we‘ll save the lagoon, may lose the planet for humans, whatever, for anyone and everyone worried about the planet surviving, don’t, it’s a cyclic argument, you need only worry about, if you want to worry that is, about OUR SPECIES surviving.  Theres a big difference.  Life on this planet has been eradicated seom 3-5 times, it always comes back, after all, that’s life!
It is a beautiful world, full of beautiful people, critters and things and I see that now and want nothing but the best for us all, even Mr. or Mrs. Monsanto (Sorry to hear about all your crops being destroyed by governments all over the world cause they are scared you are trying to turn us into Zombies, maybe make something that isn’t completely F$%#@d…?).  I cant judge anyone anymore, no point, I'm too busy enjoying whats left of my planet!
On to other things:
I've had a couple of drinks.  Still not a fan of the alcohol.  Strange how I could go from lush on a mission to teetotaler without a clue so quickly and seemingly for real.  
The first drink to break the spell was during a trip to a winery to have a potluck type dinner with a freind of the young lady I am now dating who owned the vineyard.  Of course, all the wine their was organic, local, I was hanging with the makers, was part of the process etc etc etc.  So I had a glass, or two, or a few and then some of the nephews homebrew or a few and then woke up the next day in so much pain both physical and mental I couldnt even curse the gods for letting me be such a fool.  It would be almost 2 days until the rancid stale cat s&%t like taste would leave my mouth.  I had been sober for so long I had forgotten "the hangover".
Since that day I have had a couple drinks and leave them standing almost as they came to me, to anyone who feels that they cant get off the crazy train of drinking, you can, somehow I switched.  I still love the thought of a cold beer, a glass of fine wine, etc.  YET, I cant really touch the stuff anymore!
I find myself teaching and I love it!  I teach a beginners Bagua class, this is the kung fu I learned while in Hawaii (Huge thanks to Marc M. my teacher and for being so thorough).  So much fun, anywhere from 8 to 1 peron(s) attend class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Ashtanga Yoga center here in Ensenada.  In coming on this trip, I am finding the things I truly love to do.  Turns out I really AM a ninja in training, or at least an Iron Monkey, and to simply be in this mode is fine for me, whether I get to a level of Mastery which would be acknowledged by others or not is now immaterial and of no value to me.  I have a such a small amount of knowledge to share, and yet, even this single fame of inspiration i have to ffer is a wealth of light for those who come seeking it out from the darkness.  I will do my very best to light as many other candles before i die.
Soon I will be teaching Cheng Man Chengs (there are many variations on how his name may be spelled - feel free to comment and correct) 37 posture Tai Chi Chuan form, originally taught to me by Jon in Hawi, at least I think it was Jon, I could be waaay off, super tall older gentleman... anyway, also have an intensive on Qi Gong coming up and we just finished our first EXTREMELY SUCCESFUL VEGAN COOKING CLASS, right here in fish taco central, Ensenada Baja California Mexico!  Vegan cooking in Mexico!  Guaranteed the first vegan cooking class in this are EVER!
The first meal was Lasagna, Eggplant Napoleon, enselada (salad for those of you who are really not in the know), avocado "chocolate" pie, fresh bread, well, not so fresh, it was the one thing we didnt make, in fact we bought it a week before and had to be really tricky with water and heating it in the oven to make it fresh enough to actually be able to cut, but, you know, fun is as fun does...  Resurrecting the bread was fun.  Dipping sauces, we ended up with a ridiculous amount of great, and most importantly, very filling food, surrounded on all sides by fantastic people who spent the better part of a day cooking and eating with one another.   What could be better then breaking bread?
So the meals are part of a series, next is Indian, Mexican, American, any suggestions from what part of the world we should veganize cuisine from next?  Hawaiian with the fire pit?
Also, I am practicing my Chinese medicine again.  So nice, no real laws surrounding it, simply, you either know it or you dont and if you hurt someone, well, thats up to you and the injured party to figure out.  So i do what I do and stick to what I know.  Basic acupuncture, tuina (chinese medicinal massage), moxa (burning mugwort and being tricky with the heat and smoke to inspire healing, cant explain anymore, ancient Chinese secret=), and of course, my peas day rayhzistanss... cranio sacral therapy.
So here I am, in Ensenada, at first trying to save a lagoon, now still working on the lagoon, also now just living life, learning Spanish, getting into Mexican time, which for those of you in Hawaii, it is almost like Hawaiian time, really being free for the first time in along time.  It's nice to have a home, a place I get to leave again.  I may very well do this until I die, or not, I am beginning to see things so very differently, I do things for me now, not for the impact it will have on others and in this it has even more impact.  You may have noticed I am less on my insane (insane for me is a kitty whimper for others) social media blitz, it's all hype, there is nothing in hype, you wanna have a huge impact on the world, easy, follow your heart.  Buddha, Jesus, Dr. Martin Luther King, they didnt have social media hype, they had assasins, brutality, insane people, worn out soles on their shoes and sandals respectively and they had dreams they followed.  Thats one of the keys to this carousel ride.  You have to have a personal dream and not a dream of riches, everyman these days is a king and every woman a queen by material standards, the poorest of us in America can get a cup of coffee and a bottle of wine, two things which our Medieval forefathers considered to be a mark of wealth indeed!  Now it is simply a matter of what degree your symbols come packaged in.  Does that make sense to you?  Chase after a dream, the rest is to easy and very video game esque, just one level after another of different kinds of cups your coffee will be poured into and different kinds of carriages you will be in getting to the drive through window to get it.

One thought on “Tres Chihuahuas Zombie Felices y un Pollo Enojado [three happy zombie chihuahuas and one angry chicken – the name of my hot sauce I will make soon=]

  1. Another infusion of brilliance. It’s hard to hear that our modern way of living is so destructive…but we do need to hear about it. Keep following your dream and thanks for sharing it with us!

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