Coffee and granola

Thats what I had for breakfast and what I am still drinking now as i type.  I’m sitting in Diana’s living room, she is gone to wine class and I am waiting to see if the modd overcomes me to do my Qi Gong exercises or not.  I have my first couple patients to treat today, interesting how all of a sudden, here in Ensenada i not only find myself  teaching kung fu, something I thought would simply fade away into the darker recesses of my mind, but here I am, teaching and now practicing on people once again…

I’m reading the “Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins right now, he theorizes that the human body is simply a complex storage mechanism created through evolution to house DNA.  On the first glance i thought it a bit absurd, but then, by page 48, I am seeing the point, and as always, this one point is a trickle compared to the stream of truth that the whole idea of “human” comprises.  Well, at least for me.

I just finished “The Leopard” by Giuseppe Di Lampedusa, quite an ingenious novel.  You follow around a Prince in Sicily, just past his wild years, when reason has taken seat in his mind.  He is Sicilian and slowly watching how government is becoming more and more of a machine that serves only it’s own ends, no, thats not entirely correct, it’s written in a way very hard for me to describe, so much is going on in so few words….  Well, you have the title and author, its an easy road to figure it out from there…

I shaved my beard yesterday, not “I”, but the barber, actually, whatever you would have to say for female barber.  Straight razor and all, a few times i felt the urge to sneeze and then remembered my surroundings and it was enough to scare the sneeze back down into its lair.

I’m not sure why I shaved the beard entirely, part of it was due to simply wanting to, part was wanting to be able to kiss again should the chance arise, par was due to never having been to a barber with a straight razor, part of it was due to eating a water melon slice and then being able to ring juice out of my beard…

I have met someone.  I wish I could say I was in love, instead I find myself in a great confusion, so much so I nearly made up my mind to simply leave Ensenada, but, this would not be the best in the long or short run.  Something is happening here.  I do not know what will become of saving the lagoon, at least through my efforts, part of me feels that hell and high water are the only things that could stop it from being paved under by the greed of simple men.  What fools we are to believe we can live on a world of iron, concrete and steel!

I will stay here until the breeze blows again, for the first time I cannot see the future as it pertains to me, how long I will be here, in what condition I will be in WHEN I leave on my bicycle, or even where I will be going.  I had not forseen this, I am no longer looking ahead, I have finally realized the absolute futility in making plans, what are the sayings, well, the once from Navy pilots – He who plans early plans twice, and then a classic, man makes plans and god laughs.  Well, here I am, i hear laughter all around me, but it isnt bitter or deriding, I feel the love, it is the laugh of something very ancient and wise watching the futile struggle, knowing that of the struggle ever becomes to great, a helping hand will be lent.

So, enough computer for today, i spent all day on it yesterday planning this vegan cooking class and by god that destroyed my ability to love for a day!



P.S.  To date I have seen very few Zombies in Mexico.


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