Ensenada on bicycle with ninja sensibilities in tow…

Where did I leave off, was it before I started ” Reflections on the Art of Living – A Joseph Campbell Companion” selected and edited by Diane K. Osbon.

Fantastic book, read that in conjunction with “I Am” by Howard Falco and you just may be a whole new person=]

I just finished a piece of homemade banana bread, baked by my recent very good friend and yoga instructor Diana.  putting me through the paces with Ashtanga Yoga, something I have not had to this level before and am very glad I can do it now.  It’s rare I walk away from activity completely drenched in sweat, like I walked into a shower with my clothes on type of sweat.

I am not taking tonights class as my feet are thrashed from following the mad urge to paddle out at San Miguels during an epic swell.  Not only were the waves double over head and at times higher, getting out, that was the tricky party, so tricky that I found myself, pushing back into the moment as i went from sea level to peering over the lips of waves that were higher than my second story window from childhood.

Barnacles, sea urchins, rocks covered with algea, broken shells, anenomies, you name it, I crushed and smushed my way to the sea, by the time I got on my board and started paddling, I was already semi broken and bloody.  Thats why I had trouble focusing on the epic waves I was amongst and too scared to drop in on, making half hearted attempts at paddling and then realizing that the waves were so powerful and I was so out of shape from paddling, even at full tilt boogie I was having trouble even getting to the point where I wanted to bail!

And there it was, the thought of getting out, always harder for me than getting in, and since the waves had increased in size since I had come out….oh geeze.

At last the sheer cold of the ocean broke through my rashie and board shorts (everyone else had full wetsuits and booties, booties of course because of the barnacles, sea urchins or Vana and, well, you know), it was time to go back.  Even rad waves and the menace of further foot surgery could not shake the cold which had seeped into my marrow, I never understood that line in books, “it had seeped into my marrow”, never got it, until that moment when the cold had seeped in.

So, to paddle back, that was a treat, and by god, I made it, I have finally gotten good enough that I can read waves, and, ergo, understand sets, I may not be able to surf ’em yet, but I can avoid the brutal part…. at least until I want to get better, but that is for another day which you will read about much sooner than I wish to think=]

The most brutal part was a telling testimony to life, its always darkets before the dawn, I could see the shore and yet there I was being washed over rock, barnacle, vana (sea urchin), I could feel the slices being laced into my knees. hands, chest, feet, like a thousand blades aimlessly culling the ignorance out of a paper doll….  welcome to San Miguel Mr. Bornstein, we do so hope you had a nice stay, dont forget us, and next time come a little better prepared, a little braver, if you dont plan on surfing the waves, dont be silly and paddle out!

The real fun came walking back home, walking over the dirt and rocks, if I lingered in any one spot for too long I would leave blood in the dirt or on the cobbles of the road…

He who fights and runs away….. verdad?

Soon, very soon I will be practicing my Chinese medicine and cranio-sacral therapy…  I did my first treatment today.  Smashing success, it appears the hiatus I took made me stronger…..  yay for me.  Thank you Marc for teaching me=]  Thanks NATSTA (NATSTA.org)!

I have spoken the last two days in a row at Unifront, a private school that ranges from kindergarten to highschool, I believe I have spoken with 70 of the school so far.  Absolutely rad people, all of them, the Grounds Crew, the Faculty and the Staff, the Principles, the Directors.  Mahalo!  Muchas gracias for the kindness!

I found it so very interesting that as I spoke to older and older children, the response, the ZEAL, at which they responded to saving the lagoon outside of town declined through aging.  I am not sure what this means.  It would appear that as a person gets older, they are less inclined to care about saving thier planet, now, this is not a personal attack, it needs to be looked at, what is it that causes, at least in this cross section of individuals, this dramatic result?

I am making this assuption, positing this theory based soley on the responses by the children, the younger ones would openly cheer, beside themselves that they had the chance to make a difference and save nature and birds.  As they got older, th response lessened from outright cheers to excited whisperings and talk of who would ride with whom to the Cleanup on November 13th.  Once i got to the highschool, it was a very reserved response.  It was still positive, but very reserved, they have all said they would show up, make no bones about it (where did that saying come from?), they all gace me hope, and perhaps it is nothing more that maturity which would allow for the more somber response, and yet, they can still cheer, they do it when thier favorite futbol (soccer, though football is popular in the northern territory) team scores, what changes what they cheer for, what about society changes where the joy is placed?

I will be putting a garden in at the school as a teaching aid to the children, help them understand the true – NATURE – of things.

I was speaking with the owner of Milpas, the local health food store, been in business for 30 years now, he told me about a study that was done in France.  Where they had children in the first grades draw different things, such as “a chicken”.

Do you know what they drew……..

They drew what you would buy in the super market and were astounded in a subsequent visit to a farm.

Of course, being a European country and not an American one, they were immediately shuttled to farms and ranges and a law was put into effect countrywide!

In America i think we are actually dong the opposite, right, we want people to think it comes from the store…  ?  No?  Not sure, fill me in on that one…..=]  Its your world, dont blame anyone else for what it looks like, especially when it comes to children, that is the future of our SPECIES.  Help them out!

Riding my bike here has become of a dream like quality, it is zen in motion at this point.  Truly, I believe it goes against most of the rules as set forth by most bicycle enthusiasts in the states and definitely against any rules of the road as posited by authorities…

Riding the wrong way in traffic, cutting lanes infront of BUSES, gauging things and subsequently acting based on what you want to happen not what seems like would or should be happening.

Saving the lagoon is coming together, so thankful, thankful for everything thats going on.  The teacher who I am staying with who basically let me move into his place while I get my things sorted, I may stay at a hostel and work the front desk in exchange for a bed and a shower=]  Hugo Gomez.  Hugo is one of the more interesting individuals I have met in a very long time, one of the very few people that I absolutely do not seem to be able to read.  I am always wrong in what i think he may be thinking and he always surprises me, he may very well be the Buddha, if it wasn’t for his high cheese and meat diet, I would most assuredly think so=]  Thanks be to you Mr. Gomez=]

What else…..

I’m a ninja…. right, no zombies, even if there were, I’d still be a ninja, unless they were ninja zombies, that’d be something, I think the zombies would be enough, but would I sit there in utter shock and disbelief like in the movies…  I dont think so.  My reasoning is this, I reckon the governments of various countries are already working on some twisted for of biological warfare or super soldier program or nano technology something or other, so, I think I would be good to go.  Unless they were like those zombies from 28 days later, they were a definite bummer to my survival of a Zombie Apocolypse…

Zombie Haiku, you can get it at Amazon and bookstores than sell books, one of the best books I have read to date, in my LIFE.

And to anyone who makes movies – I cannot stress enough how great and idea Zombies VS Ninjas would be.  You have no idea, its like Pnit Budda and Double Chocolate vegan cookies, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

I should drop the Aloha for the time being, time to go, here it comes….



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