One Year on the road, Beans Cooking on the Stove, Yeah Yeah Yeahs singing Zero… and lots of Bug Bites=]

You’re a Zero, whats your name, no ones gonna ask you, better ask where they want you to go…

I’ve been waking up at 5.30 to do Ashtanga Yoga, you ever do it?  If you like to see where your physical body is at in the grand scheme of things, find a good teacher for this and go for a class=]  I have a video coming soon.  The teacher has opened her studio and her life to me.  Her and her partner let me come in and work on thier garden, I’m going to be helping give a demonstration of small scale farming/perma-culture/backyard gardens on Sunday.

I’m going to be teaching a kung fu class 2x a week at her studio as well as doing a vegan cooking demonstration – LASAGNA.

Surfing at 7.30 tomorrow…  I’m putting it all on electronic paper because so many of you ask me A. what I’m doing and B. where I am – Ensenada, Mexico.

Did I tell you, my parents have gone vegan, 72 (Dad) and 64 (Mom).  Dad says he has more energy than ever.  It happened when they were at a 3 day vegan/vegetarian retreat and they showed a movie that had footage taken inside a commercial slaughterhouse.  If you’ve never seen footage from inside a slaughterhouse, quit kiddin yourself, look in he mirror and take control of your life.  You wanna eat, you know I’m not the one to judge, just dont tell me how you dont wanna hear about it and want to remain ignorant, that kind of talk scares me…

So, I’ve been dong this for one year now, well, a year as of 4 something in the afternoon, but hey, who counting.

Johnny Cash – Hurt

I’m speaking at a school this Wednesday, the W H O L E school.  I also may be able to speak at CICESE (, this is where you go to study if you’re a top student in the country of Mexico, youth from all over the world are at this school, if you’re reading this, you speak Spanish and are into science, and want to pursue a degree, and you have a ridiculous IQ… check it out=]

Florence and the Machine – Addicted to Love…

Put aside any thoughts you may have about this place that arent happy and cheery.  I’ve walked the streets at 3 in the a.m., hung out with all manner of people, never felt even sketchy, well, just once I was gonna be in a commercial and I bailed, but that’s another story for another day…

I arrived in time for the wine festival, I was amazed at the size of the cups, and then someone explained, “They have to be big, they hold a whole bottle.”


Thats the Once a year Wine Festival, people tell me the wine is great, I’m still not drinking, and yes, still celibate… =]  Ninja.

Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz

Lessons up to now that are worth checking out:

1.   People with the least will give you the most.

2.  People throw trash out of cars.

3.   Mexico has a more serious public trash problem than the U.S.

4.  Changing your life is easy once you decide to do it, whatever the change you want, E A S Y.

5.  No more of this I cant do it, it’s too hard.  You’re going to die someday, seriously, I promise, don’t die not in control of yourself.

6.  If you like a thrill, ride yor bike in Downtown Tijuana during traffic and just get out there in it.

7.  People are at their core, very kind, don’t forget this!

8.  Something that can make your life a little more fun and interesting, and I guarantee it will do both of these things, BUT, you have to be consistent…  You ready for the secret….  Seriously, you ready, took me 6 months on the road to figure this one out…  say “Hi/Hola/Aloha/Dobri den/Guten Tag/insert your greeting here”, I guarantee, after doing this for a bit, once you actually get comfortable talking to other human beings for no reason other than to simply say “G’day” you will be amazed at what happens in your life.

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

9.  If you can, pick up random pieces of trash. I say “If you can” as it is harder than you may think, people look at you weird, there’s this whole thing that happens, whatever, do it anyway.  I have chosen plastic 6 ring holders as my trash of choice.  If I tried to get it all I would still be in Pennsylvania=]  Choose a piece of garbage and get it whenever you see it, this will bring about some changes as well.  If you cant bring yourself to do it, well, hell, who’s job is it to clean up YOUR world?

10.  Read more books, and read different varieties.  Just think about reading and see what books show up over and over and read those, lessons in their, a brain to be fed and T.V. to be ignored.  Wanna get wild – read by candlelight.  See what it was like for the people that paved the way for us to be the wild wooly crew we are…  Its relaxing and very cool.

Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride

11.Treat your body with respect, you get one per ride.  See if you can be sober and celibate and drug free for a month.  No judgement, many of you know me, I did most of it a lot.  You know I love you no matter.  I also know that I can not do it.  If you don’t know that you can NOT do it, find out.  If you have trouble, figure out what this means and make your life better.  Your body is a rental car, you are the driver.  If you cant stop doing something which is not good for you or the body, well, WHO IS AT THE WHEEL!

As Darwin can be quoted, “An American monkey, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus is much wiser than most men.”

Foghat – Slow ride

12.  NEVER for get that you are like 1 chromosome or so away from being a straight up monkey.  Ponder what this means, like, R E A L L Y think about it.  Now, take a fresh look at things.

Dennis Brown – Silhouette

12 – This is one of  my biggest realizations so far, even though people mauy speak  a different language and look different, beyond that, its all the same, seriously, it really is.

13.  If you give, you will receive.

14.  The things you think about do come true, and the things you dont want to happen usually do just because you spent so much time thinking about them.

15.  No one dies from lonliness.  Eventually you get to know yourself.  Thats a good thing.

16.  If you stay celibate for a long wnough period of time, you actually start to get to know people of the opposite (or same depending on how you roll) sex.  Thats a really good thing.

17.  Pure Neem oil cures a lot of stuff.

18.  Surfing is one of the quickest ways to a meditative state for most people according to all that I met who are just learning or have done it for a while.

19.  It is best to live vicariously through oneself.  I have spoken to many men and women who are unable to live out their dreams any longer as they waited to long, they waited for the right partner to share it with, the right amount of money in the back, the right “situation” etc.  They all regret this decision.  Whatever you are waiting for whatever grand design you have in place for the perfect life, please, discard it and start living!

20.  You CAN be Vegan and be incredibly strong, in fact, it is easier to be Ninja by being vegan, even science now agrees.

21.  The shift is happening, every where I go people are talking about how everything is changing.  Farmers Markets exploding on the scene, people being healthy, people being kind.  Join the movement, eventually you’ll be on it anyway.

Thats enough for now, I have a statue to paint, traffic to dodge on the ninja, a Famers Market to attend and waves to surf=]

Peace be the journey, have a blast and let the day begin=]





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