Silly Gringos……Acid running down my legs, literally=]

I get some wart remover for my foot and all is well and good.  As I leave the gentleman with me translates what the lady says, “She says use with caution, not like American, medical grade, very strong acid.”

“OK., O.K.”, no worries is my reply.

I put as little drop on as possible and yes, it is a very strong acid indeed, replace the rubber stopper and absentmindedly drop it in my pocket.

I plop down in the couch to read my latest and greatest book, Catch-22, and lo, there is a liquid running down my leg, thick and viscous, like an egg yolk (vegan of course).  It took me roughly 10 seconds to connect the dots at which point I was bounding the stairs to the shower, turned it on, ignored the freezing cold water as at this point my legs and more importantly my bits and pieces were on FIRE!

I peeled off my shorts only to be confronted by problem two, it is not just an acid, but is has the glue like affect, so now I am ripping out glue like acid, tufts of leg har and bits and pieces hair…. Dios Mio.

No worries, a little futbol on the tele and then riding to Playas for a couple days, have a great party with the couchsurfing organization on Friday and then bike to Ensenada!



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