A Tijuana Bike Ride and Dr. Luis Arturo Cruz Ibanez

I’ve been in Tijuana 48 hours, when I originally wrote this it was only like 30 something.
I’m sitting in Dr. Luis Arturo Cruz Ibanez’s dental office waiting to hear my fate on my teeth which have been having that “sensitive’ feeling of late.
Now I’m in the middle of three palm trees on Avenida De Los Heroes and Calle Sanchez Tiboada.  There is a man in tattered and stained clothes with his face painted as a clown, he blows a whistle to get the drivers attention at the red light and then perfroms an act of magic in hopes of donations.  the trick today, maybe everyday, is pulling a dove out of a seemingly empty black bag.
I feel my teeth, Senor Ibanez was great, it was relatively inexpensive, and what is expensive when it comes to the body, especially the teeth, without them you have to carry a blender every where you go…  the Greeks, maybe Romans, as a torture would pull all of your teeth and kick out of the castle walls, where you would slowly starve to death.
So I feel them, my teeth, he suggested i start brush no more than 5 min after I eat instead of waiting before bed and at preset times, makes sense I guess, I picture a castle wall and enemies breaking the bricks that make it, you can get them away from the wall when it matters or at pre set times…..  verdad?
I met Uncle billy today, at first i heard change in someones pocket coming up behind me, then he fell in step beside me and started asking questions about my bike, next thing we were crossing the street and meeting with his friend who built a really rad trailer out of parts and had such a good shock systme built into it he could haul refrigerators.  of course he also did some pretty ninja stuff with his rear cassette, he had 13 rings and said he could beat most cars and of course, haul a fridge.
That was the part that I was stoked about, and that it was built from scrap metal, and used car parts.
Uncle Billy used to be quite a player in the drug scene, he even got bailed out by Don Johnson at one point although how and why that came to happen i forget, he had so many stories and so many intricate details that I knew he was telling me the truth, even when Interpol tortured him in Columbia by tying his thumbs together behind his back and then hoisting him off the ground by those same thumbs until he passed out or spilled the frijoles.  No frijoles spilled on Uncle Billy’s watch.  They made him sign a paper saying he knew nothing.  He once got his aircraft full of drugs grounded by the Columbian airforce.  Got quite a whooping for that one, “what a party” he says!
We rode our bikes through Tijuana, he introduced me to people here and there, all family or in some way related…  his friend, the gentleman who built the trailer, told me how he used to surf all the time, traveled all over the coasts and made me promise to go to the Mexican Pipeline, one of the three places he knew of that had the biggest waves..
“The Pipeline in Oahu, Mavericks IN Northern California and the Mexican Pipeline.”
He then told me a story about one of the greatest Mexican surfers, he had already wrapped up a contest they had to send someone fully sponsored to the Triple Crown in Oahu, when he decided to get one last wave, I was told his name, but with so much information coming my way, it is lost, perhaps google will help me find it later.  Anyway, this surfer was the best, he surfed this spot his whole life, and he had the contest totally wrapped up by so many points it was a done deal, he decided to get one last wave…
The pipeline closed on him and his body and board were never found.


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