Learning Experience=]

I was so scared to cross the border that now I understand a little better why we live in the world we live in.  So many people had told me about all the myriad things that were going to befall me upon arrival in Mexico, and heaven forbid I come to Tijuana!  Well, here I am, I took cabs, walked around, met with people, was all over this town late into the night walking through Centro Tijuana and what, what happened?


In fact the only scary time for me was when we went to Playas and I was asking about the border fence, which literally runs the length of the country – ALL THE WAY INTO THE OCEAN!  At the Ocean point there is a permanent guard in a jeep with automatic weaponry ready to rock n roll.  2 Weeks ago someone got rocked and rolled…  Constant helicopter flights with thermal imaging gear and weaponry.  It is a war zone, a pre-emptive strike if you will.  Never used to be there, the old people here remember when they were able to simply walk across – LIKE NEIGHBORS SHOULD.

Didnt we learn this lesson from Germany and their wall?  C’mon, do we have to keep learning the same lessons again and again=]

Enough of that, to date here that is the only sketchy thing I have come across.

The same could befall a person anywhere and thats the point, we are truly all the same, different languages and different architecture sure, different skin color, O.K., everything else is still the same.

Food goes into a hole in the face which then becomes….Shit.

This then goes into a hole, it can be dirt, porcelain, concrete, plastic.

People smile, laugh, cry, uplift, murder, rape, steal, give, be kind, lash out with hate, protect the environment, destroy it for money, praise god, love freinds and family the same the WORLD OVER.

I think this may be the point to life, if there is one specific point, it may be more of a singularity, the point, in the case of a Black Hole where light does or does not escape.  Kind of like that point where pizza is hot but not leaving shards of flesh dangling from the top of your mouth, or where you get to the spot at a camp fire that you are neither freezing cold or actually cooking.  Singularity, the rhyme reason and purpose for life.  Deconstructing the Tower of Bable is a good a place as any to start, after all, you take out the tower of Babel, next thing you know you’re walking down the beach with new freinds talking about the setting sun and sliver moon in a language you can barely understand, and yet, there you are, having a time of your life.

My bike ride to Tijuana was uneventful, the hill climb to Titta’s house was so extreme, I guess that was eventful, I felt like I was in a serious race as her roomie picked up my gear, and then acted as my pace car up “the hill”, roughly a 50 degree angle, I am not exaggerating, I was in ninja gear and still having to stand and lean over the bars!!

Great times, now time to go do a video with the hill and figure out what I’m doing next=]



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