Kevin the 20yr old biker and his wisdom=]

Two days ago I was having dinner with the crew from Mission Hills Bike Shop at the Loving Hut, which in itself is a great story.  A franchise vegan eatery slowly spreading across the West Coast…
Kevin told me 2 bits of advice that I found initially shocking and later to be absolutely hillarious.
1st is the way to find water in Sub-Saharan desert.  Start by finding a tribe of Baboons, dig a hole and make sure they see you hide something in it like change.  Ensure the hole is big enough to allow your opened hand in and closed hand not allowed out.
Go hide at a distance and when one of them comes to investigate the hole, rush the animal and quickly cover it and wrap it in a sac.
Once you have it in a sac, take it to your camp and then keep it close to a raoring fire for 2 days until it is thoroughly dehydrated.  At this point let it out and follow it to water.
The other was about how to survive a toger attack, you wait until it bites down on your arm and then you rip out its tongue.  This saves you…
Now, take wither example, and if you scratch, not even, if you breathe on the surface you will see a host of things that make either one of these “Survival” skills beyond the pale hilarious in a most twisted way.

Bless your heart Kevin, you are truly a ninja=]


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