Things i learned and am stoked about and a Mountain Bike ride in Florida Canyon, SD

San Diego has been beyond rad, I would really like to thank Jessica and Jacob, I learned some stuff, how not be a victim, key in this day and age, well, heck, I guess it would be key in any day and age…

My ride the other day and today in Florida Canyon and Balboa Park was, were too sweet.  I’m really getting the hang of this mountain bike thing=]

Someday I hope to not spend time on the internet at all, I would like to simply live my life, for now that is not to be the case…  soon=]  Let me do my do-gooderness in peace and not stare at this little screen with its aquarium glow, slowly melting my optic nerves from the inside out and reprogramming my brain at the same time=]

Jessica ran into a giant cactus which I found most troubling as it was huge.  She had many many needles in her arm from her encounter.  I chastised her for being silly.  It was akin to running into a giant green “stop” sign, only it had huge needles.

The San Diego Zoo was cool, and it wasnt cool at the same time, no need to talk about it too much, you can probably figure it out, unhappy animals, humans learning things to maybe stop the slaughter of animals, martyrdom etc.  we look at them in cages and yet I could never really shake the feeling that perhaps they were looking at us in cages….  Whos looking at who through what bars…
I learn not to be addicted to how things go and further how the way things go make me feel, it goes well, it doesnt go well, I feel good, I feel bad, it is of no difference.  It only makes a difference if I ride the roller coaster and the difference it will make ultimately will not be good for my health, which as I come to learn mor and more, is E V E R Y T H I N G.
What else have a I learned…

Those with the least will most likely give you the most.
People are not stupid, or dumb, BUT, they are quick to choose ignorance…  Most often due to fear.  I know this best of all.
The change is coming, a change is coming…  Farmers markets are literally exploding all over the US, people are having conversations that I could only dream of a year ago.  Vegan fast food exists now in franchise form and hippie looking bearded guys are considered cool and sexy by mainstream girls.  Crazy world=]
At times I think we are on the verge of the big event, that will change history one way or the other, the great awakening or the great end.  My gut tells me we shall be free sooner than later,  all of the people who are getting on in thier years agree that this is truly a very special/interesting/magical/most controversial/epic/etc. etc. etc.
Whatever is happening, I am glad I am alive, as for whether or not it is the best time to be alive, I would say that whenever your alive that would be the best time to live regardless of what is going on around you=]

I also know that I am just a Chris and no nothing of what goes on outside of my little world, so my words, in the bigger picture, arent worth the 1’s and 0’s it took to make them fly across to your screen=]


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