Jessica ninja’d my bike as I have not seen in some time, she installed travel agents, if you are unaware of this knowledge or perhaps you are used to the old name, Roll-a-ma-jigs, no, still no lights coming on, no worries.  The purpose of the travel agent, I like this name better, is to give a bike that has V brakes the correct amount of cable pull as though it had U brakes.

U brakes, this is what is on road bikes, of course there are now disc brakes, mainly on mountain bikes, but this is an entirely different beast.

So, Cantilever brakes and V brakes are there to allow for larger tires, U brakes only allow for a certain size tire, if you make the U brake to big, you lose the power, so then V brakes came into the light, they allowed for big tires (mountain bikes), but the power was less, THEN, V brakes came onto the scene and gave more power, but the way they are set up when you attach them to a road bike, which is what I am using for touring, you get a weak pull on the brake, enter travel agents or roll-a-ma-jigs – Thank you Adams Ave Bike Shop, now I have the power, in pull of a U brake.
It is such a difference in pull that I was actually able to skid, which I am not a huge fan of as I want to save as much rubber on my tire as I can, you would be suprised what pulling 130-40 pounds of weight does to tire wear…
She hooked me up with a good light, the one which I was given in Santa Barbara had a horrible habit of turning in in my backpack, which is where I always put stuff after my time in Santa Cruz and learned about the speed of thieves… she also fixed up my pedals, Thermalite BMX pedals, Thank you Thomas Bike shop, and my thick straps, HoldFast from Brooklyn – Thank you Mission Hills Bike Shop,  to keep my feet in and give me power not only on the down stroke but on the up pull as well, more efficient, we like efficiency, I’m pretty sure thats what Einstein was talking about with the E=Mc(2) thing…… She has mad knowledge, much of what you read here is what I have tried to remember from our numerous talks, she even took a spider out of my beard, it was a semi gnarly looking one, like one that I was stoked didnt bite me….
I cooked a Lasagna dinner for the bike shop and friends, had a fire in the yard in San Diego….  yay=]


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