A few days, bike ride in San Diego proper, Comic Con, Pirates, good food, good friends=]

This spans a couple of days…  So, on or about the 16th?
I have anxiety with ninja [bike] not around.  I do not know if this name will stick for bike, it may choose to simply be bike, it may choose to be nameless as names and nicknames are how we gain control over our world, I am beginning to see the bike as more of an equal for without it where would I be, and without me where would it be.
The White Tiger by Araviund Adiga is a book i just finished, as this spans a couple of days, I finished it a few days ago.  Below are quotes from the book that hit me like a bucket of cold water to the face in a deep sleep….
“Free people dont know the value of freedom, thats the problem.”
“I was looking for the key for years, but the door was alweays open”

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.  This is another RAD, super rad book which, thanks be was gifted to me by a wonderful man from Germany, Lorenz W.  Thanks Lorenze!  It is about a boy who journeys to become a sage, that isnt even right, he journeys far beyond what we understand, he journeys to the sublime and it is written in such a way that no matter where your reading skill level or level of spirituality, you will notice immediately 2 things.  The book is finished almost as soon as you began, and upon realizing it’s done, you understand so much of what you never even thought before.
I Am by Howard Falco.  I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with this man on the phone and to this day I am unsure how we came into each others orbit, and yet, I guess I do know.  I have only just begun this book, soIi will not say much beyond the fact that it is extremely well written and is so eye opening, more to come=]
A few days later – 18th perhaps – I had my coffee grinds read armenian style, The coffee was what I have had descibed to me as Turkish in the past, very small cup, very strong coffee, VERY STRONG, if it was a ninja, all I would do is Bow to the Master.  My grinds were read, there are many grinds in Armenian coffee a thick mud in fact.  The small cup is turned over in the saucer and let to sit for a time, but enough about the process, what of the reading you ask!  Great future, ranger helps me – a man with a hat, I am in competition with cat a dark cat – could be my alter conciousness, There is an eagle soaring high [very auspicious], and, I am to find a great love on this journey…..
Later that night, due to the coffee?….. Crazy dream, bus again! I see a yellow school bus and yet at the same time it is also a public transportation bus… it starts moving, I jump in to try and stop it, hit a Ford Explorer which I think is red, older model, now, dasy later it could also have been green? It was in front of me, end up going down hill, Explorer goes off to some other place, brakes just dont work, they depress but never grab hold, bumping, crazy, end up in hotel, hit door, guy comes out, like super “Euro” guy with belly, gold chain, longer hair oiled, speedo trunks, accent, not sure what kind, so stressed I hit door, I tell him no worries, my insurance will cover it, no worries, over and over, back in bus, unable to control brakes, there are none, finally get it parked and stopped.  What is it with the busses these days?
Later that day – Got volunteer orientation for Community Coaching Center to work with autistic children and began working with youth org to run 5 day summer camp on nutrition, environment, bahai faith….  Not sure what I can do to help.  Initially I was very stoked, now it seems more like it is based on the faith, which I know very little and studying religion is no longer what I do.
Later still, weekend… Helped with a fundraiser this morning at farmers market(first one to accept food stamps!) for youth group, very cool,they are rasiing cash to buy soil and seed for community garden!  Wonderful children, had a great time, still waiting on photos…..
Picked up bike from Solana B+L Bikes, THANK YOU!  They hooked me up something special, brand spanking new cassette and chain!  MAHALO!
Met with hailey from Surfrider.  YAY!!!!  Surfrider.org
Saw guy today after picking up my bike, he was skating and looked kind of uncertain, this is what caught my attention, and then I realized, he was on  an artificial leg skatin…  And then he ollied.  And then I was inspired.
Earlier to get to Solana I took public transpot to Solana Beach.   There was a gentleman with Tourettes (I’m guessing) on bus/train, it was intense, I dont know if you have ever witnessed anyone with it, I can only imagine that it must be akin to a prison without walls…
Now we are current – YESTERDAY – I took a bicycle tour of San Diego, For me this is as fun as my other favorite to bike around cities (SF, Columbus…) Bless the folks at the Mission Hills bike shop, I now have ninja straps for my pedals, and a bucket for my brains, so if you read this, tell my folks, i finally have the random event head trauma equalization device.
Comic Con is rad.  This is the big Comic book Convention in San Diego.  I decided to try and tap into the comic book fan base with twitter and ended up having a very brief and yet deeply touching – for me – conversation with Neil Gaiman who penned the Sandman series which is one of the impetus(impetuses?) for this bike ride.
I’m meeting rad people, this evening, well, last night, i was able to cook for a Naval Doctor who will give me sewing lessons for human tissue and has already donated to me the necessary acoutrements to do so and his wonderful friend who works for HP=]  I made lasagna.
Today, I am at the coffee shop, New Breaks in Ocean Beach, an over cast day, gearing up for big ride today in San Diego.
Aloha and thanks once again for bearing with me as I attempt my version of loving the world=]


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