Veganism and the Ninja scroll….

Ninja scroll, for those who are un-acquainted, is one of the sweetest ninja movies ever, as a very short aside and summation of the topic, Anime, Ninja Scroll AND The “kung Fu” series both agree that love is the ultimate way of the….. hmmmmm, it is the greatest thing to strive for, for it is in striving that there is attaining and in attaining, you shall ever be striving, it’s the path not the destination!

Right, so, I’m vegan because it allows my body the best return on energy used.  Eating actually takes energy from the body, this is a many level conversation and I will keep it relatively on point.  when you eat, depending on how the food was grown, prepared, or made in a lab has a direct impact on your body.  the more natural, the more easily it can be assimilated by the body.  the reason for this is that, well, use common sense, if there are more chemicals, it is harder for the body to break them down.  This takes energy!

Chemicals come from a myriad of places, from the fertilizers and pesticides, many of whoch are made form petro-chemicals, to the chemicals found in food that are there from our friends the food scientists, who figure out how to make that which is not found in nature in a lab.

When you eat food that takes your body more energy to break it down than it actually gets from the food it broke down, that is a net loss, there is no reason for eating this way as you end up losing, the juice isnt worth the squeeze so to speak.


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