Oceanside to Ocean Beach = Magic for me

Fantastic dope ride today ( I am writing this a day after the fact=), i guess I should just write like it was a day ago and not be cute….
So, ride from Scott’s home, Scott who is a concert pianist, playing for the last 20 years and has a classic heavy metal bent to his playing that is superbly RAD!  It was such a treat, yes, i will use the word treat, to be able to chat for 2 days with someone who is at a pinnacle of creative genius, he paints, he talks freely about quantum physics, all of course in his hot tub, amazing time for my mind and soul.
I left Oceanside to a wonderful ride along the coast of California heading south, met a super cool guy from New Zealand at a fruit stand, said Aloha to the guys at revolution in Encinitas and then had a great conversation with a guy who rode with me all the way to Solana Beach and introduced me to the crew at B and L Bikes in Solana, where, Bingo Bango Bongo, I got SPONSORED!  So far my bike is under thier care for a thorough check up and it looks like it may turn into a long term sponsorship deal.  So stoked, especially as my next stop is TECATE!
At the apex of my Torrey Pines hill climb, I was grabbed by the spectacle of serious bikers hanging out at a driving range and a table full of fruit….  It was a heck of a climb=)  I was now a brief part of the Bike Palace Scott Harman Memorial ride….  We talked story for a bit and the race attendant gave me water, Hammer energy packets and fruit.  Pictures were taken and when the guys rode off, I took my time to follow as more pics were taken.  Due to my weight of 150 pounds (Sorry Chris -Ventura County, I gained it all back on my bike=), I was able to catch the guys on the down hill.  I ended up being able to maintain a decent enough race pace (cause I’m a ninja) that the gentleman and I had a great conversation for about 10-12 miles until I peeled off to say “Aloha” to the crew at the Bike Warehouse.
I was super happy to show up at my next destination, Val’s house, walked to the Ocean Beach beach, hung out at a massive block party and then had a wonderful dinner with the SeaWorld fireworks in the background.
One epic thought that was proposed to me by Val in the hot tub: do the periods under exclamation points feel different for those under question marks and how do they feel together when side by side!?!?!?
Very stoked on the next couple weeks as my bike is fixed and Val has me set up working with children that are working with Autism AND working for a non-profit that brings in children from refugee camps around the world here to San Diego.  So, I have a mission and a purpose for now=)



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