Dream from early this a.m.

I was at a bus station crying, holding onto a part of my frame, everything else had been taken/stolen, and yet, I didnt even really know the truth because I had no recollection of what happened…
I tried to explain to the bus driver, and then was in the bus station offices, the bus I needed kept leaving without me… then I was  walking the street with my bike piece and a backpack.
Then at a home with my parents, though the house was much bigger and darker, a house I do not know.  They didnt really want to talk to me and kept blowing me off, I would try to explain to my dad that I just couldnt understand what happened and then to my mom, neither wanted to hear, no matter how much I tried to convince them that everything I had was taken, no one wanted to hear… and there was this card, like a birthday card of sorts, but it was horrific in my recollection.  It was a nice beach scene on the outside and when you opened it black and white pen and ink drawings of sharks in stormy seas came to life and slowly pulled me in, I would try to close the card, but ended up merely turning the page to another scene, Hammerheads circling above my head, no one would listen to me about the card and it was given to me by J@#!*&%, who I met on this journey.
At some point in crying in a bed, I just decided to fix my frame piece with old parts and head out again, this time with a much lighter load as everything had been taken and go through the Southern States to Mexico.  Of course I was also going to visit my buddy from the Navy days, The Ragin Cajun, Brian B&*$#.
I woke up and my heart was trip hammering….
I’m riding to San Diego today=)


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