We’ve got some Epidemics here OR How to Live Vicariously Through Yourself

I’ve been cruising for a while now, almost a year, in that time, through the help of couchsurfing.org I have managed to meet MANY people.  In meeting many people and hearing their stories, checking facts and figures with the god like power of google, we got sum stuff goin on…  Everything I am speaking of is what I have noticed, good, bad… I’m indifferent as I will only live my life, I only bring these things up as they seem to be widespread amongst a large section of the population and are not based on any socio-economic factor that I can discern.

First thing I have noticed now is the amount of people who choose to focus on either a significant other OR having a child in order to complete their life. At the same time are unhappy with their lives.  To me this seems to be an easy fix, i.e. work on your life and then the right partner will come in and then you can have a family if you still so desire.  To put the cart before the horse so to speak seems a bit out of sorts, and yet, it is going on in ever increasing numbers, and the ages are getting younger and younger.  I am not a parent, I almost was, but it was not meant to be, so I cannot speak much about this.  Just please think things through rationaly.  You are a lighthouse unto the world, what do you attract to yourself?  The lighthouse is your life, what have you done to it, have you done things which will make you brighter than the rest so you can attract that special someone who will fit all your wants AND needs….  or are you just hoping for that special someone so that they will make your lighthouse what you want it to be.

MAKE YOUR OWN LIGHTHOUSE THE MOST POWERFUL ONE YOU CAN ON YOUR OWN.  Then, and only then, will get the riches you know you so richly deserve.  “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you just might find, you get what you need”  Rolling Stones, no truer words spoken about humans.

Having a baby is a very bad way to secure a relationship.  I write this because I have been speaking to lots of highschool students recently and who knows, over time, many people may read this with seriousness in their eyes as they scan the words.  Its stuff that should be talked about…

If you do end up having a child, know that your life is now forever changed, and it is for the better regardless of how it may seem at that moment.  It all depends upon you now.  You must raise the ninja and not the coward.  You must raise the one to live beyond the place where you come from, you must now step up your own life to such a degree as you cannot imagine, but you must still do it, your child is counting on it, we are all counting on it.  You are raising the future of this, OUR,  planet.

My second Epidemic is that of our education system, I speak about those who have graduated from High School and are pursuing further education.  For those in the elementary school system at this moment in time, I truly wish you the very best, keep your dreams big and dont let anyone steal them from you… ever!  Back to the college kids…  And to be clear it isnt the education system, it is how we are choosing to use it, the distinction is huge.  Gaining knowledge is fantastic, many times it will lead to wisdom.  Learning how to speak, how to think in a different manner, seeing where many of the things we now take for granted came from, all of this is wonderful, if it is your aim, however…

“I’m studying this cause I thought it would give me a good job.”

“I dont know what I’m going to do with this degree when I finish.”

“I’m not really sure why I’m in school, seemed like the thing to do, I mean, everyone does it.”

These are a random, tiny smattering of may many such phrases I have heard thus far on my trip.  Now, I don’t have a lot to say when it comes to education as I never finished my 4 year, so, no need in being a hypocrite, I know what Steve Jobs (your iPhone/iPad/MAC etc), Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Michael Dell, Halle Berry, John D. Rockefeller Sr., Rachel Ray (ninja chef), Mary Kay (cosmetic giant), Andrew Jackson, Steven Spielberg, of course, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg (FACEBOOK) and countless others  feel about diplomas and I can only add this – GO TRAVEL.  AWAY FROM YOUR HOME STATE AND PREFERABLY OUT OF THE COUNTRY.  Travel big, have an adventure, not a resort hopping exercise in being drunk with passport stamps, but an all out adventure where you get to peer into what makes you tick, why you are who you are.  If you travel enough, you begin to see through color and class.  You begin to see people, they are all around you and they are all rad, you cannot see this is if you do not experience it first hand.  TRUST ME or at least everyone else who says the same!

THEN, think about school.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised. If you need tips on biking, I have them for you all day long=)  Many people I stay with are in college/university and have no clue why they are there or what they will do when finished with this particular degree they are taking.  Whats the point.  If you want to be rich and have an esteemed position in a company, ask yourself the following, what am I showing most employers with my degree…?  For the most part, you are showing them that you could generally focus on one goal for 4-5 years and complete it, right, you’ve all heard of business 5-10 year goals.  Well, with a degree, you show a potential employer that you can stay the course for that amount of time, AND, that you can live in a stressful environment and get along generally with people you do not know and who constantly change from year to year, perhaps most importantly, that you can survive being out of the nest and remember to buy toilet paper on your own without resorting to, I’ll stop right there…

I promise you, unless you are getting highly specialized instruction with your schooling, i.e. engineer, doctor (one who heals, not merely prescribes pills from PDR – Physicians Desk Reference) etc., you can get a very high paying position by doing what I am doing for instance, riding a bicycle around the world for a good cause, now you show your employers many many many things, you have a good heart, you handle extreme stress well, you are good with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations, you are able to network and self promote etc.  I am not looking for a high paying job, I want someday to simply farm in Hawaii, surf, cook meals for friends and family and die knowing that I lived vicariously through me=)  I dont want my “own” land, nor do I want a car of my own, I am happy to share.

A great place to start traveling and traveling from your own home by hosting is couchsurfing.org.  They do not pay me money to talk about them, they are just really “on it”.

Thats what this whole thing is about, for me, I speak for me only when I write, what we do prior to our death, how we use what we call “time”

A third epidemic has largely been able to get to the point that it truly is EPIDEMIC, I speak of Human Papiloma Virus, or HPV.  Many women who read this will know that from this insidious little bug you can contract cervical cancer.  Since I have found out that I have it, I have talked about it with everyone, I am amazed at how many people have it, utterly amazed.  I also see the embarrassment in which it is spoken about, the Elephant in the room!

I believe that partly due to the society we live in, in which we are so focused on finding that special someone, and coupled with the general unwillingness to talk about serious sexual matters, and especially not wanting to talk about embarrassing things, this has become the number one STD in the WORLD.  It is estimated that 70-90 percent of people have it at any given time.  It can remain completely hidden in your system for life, it can manifest as genital warts or cancers.  You can spread it with no visible signs. Also, praise god and the virus itself for being kind to us fools, apparently it can “disappear” from your system in 2-5 years.

If you smoke and or drink, perhaps now would be a time to cut these out, especially if you are a tobacco smoker, much evidence has linked this to getting the HPV to cause cancer.  Be stronger than you addictions, your future may depend on it.

You see, HPV essentially targets the genital area/mucus membranes and either on the surface (warts) or subsurface causes cell irregularities.  Cancer is abnormal growth of a cell, so you can see how this would be a great starting place for cancer.

For me it was a wake up call.  I am on a mission, I had been having instances of heartbreak in regard to my leaving to continue on my journey and was having very mixed emotions about it as I felt I had laid out all necessary caveats/exemptions and explanations.  I love being with a woman, yet there is no excuse for broken hearts on a mission of peace and environmental awareness for the sake of children, doesnt add up.  Finding out I had picked up a disease, which thankfully wasn’t a death knell, really sent me in a direction I cannot begin to explain.  The emotional roller coaster.  Calling the women I had been with, very intense and thanks to the women I called, many went so far as to tell me how courageous I was, never saw that coming…  It made me feel good in the midst of feeling like a miserable punk.  That is always welcome.  Thank you ladies for your understanding.

Remember, if you have this or have been exposed, and if you have sex in todays day and age, you are exposed, through clean living it can go away.  Make sure to get checked regularly ESPECIALLY if you are a WOMAN.  If you are a man, at the very LEAST always wear a condom (not 100 percent effective with this one).  I know you hear it all the time, yet if we all did what we heard all the time, we wouldn’t need to hear it all the time would we=)

Look upon it like that noise that you can hear coming from under the hood and you pull over and add oil, or you ignore it and blow the engine.  I have chosen to add oil.   Someday, I can once again be with a woman, and, god willing, that time away from the bedroom will allow for such a growth in me, that my future partner will be the stuff that fairy tales and dreams are made of, I cannot imagine what it would look like, and do not need to, I simply need to uphold my end of the promise.

Men, for those of you who wonder what it is to be celibate, I have said it before and will say it again, no truer power can be found as a man, I cannot speak to being a woman, I have written it once and write it again, I have gone from “on the prowl”, or “looking to feed” in a sense to happily strolling through the grandest of museums, happy to look, no thats not quite right, happy to admire and get to know women.  My conversations have changed with women, in a way, I have nothing to fear any more, which I cannot explain, this is a feeling I am aware of only just now, to be able to put it into words, what it means, who knows, I feel much more at ease, I know where things will go at the very most it will end with me saying, “I am sorry, but I am celibate.” and then my reasoning which you have just read.

Even my thoughts have changed, no more mental naughtiness, you know, picturing what “it” would be like, seriously, why would I lie after all else I have written.  I am truly clean of mind and in 2-5 years as long as I am honest with what I put into my body – WHOLE FOODS, actual vegetables and non-processed things to eat (In Defense of Food/Omnivores Dillema – Michael Pollan), of course no alcohol or drugs, not that drugs were a problem, I gave them up with my riches when I left South Beach Miami, but I no longer partake of marijuana any longer either.  I now live as I entered this world.  CLEAN.  So in 2-5 years, I shall be clean of body as well, at that point who knows what I will have become=)

Some of you may be wondering which came first.  I had pretty much decided to be celibate when I found out I had it and alcohol was already done, I have been vegan for the last 6 years, so, not much was set in motion by this so much as concreted into my life.  Does this make sense?  It was the full stop/period at the end of a sentence which was already written.

Whether you walk the plank to destruction in life or leap off the diving board to a triple gainer, twist and make nary a splash 100 feet below scoring a perfect 10, it is up to you.  Live Life Vicariously Through Yourself.  Life gives you lemons make lemonade… etc etc etc etc =)

I wrestled with this post as it really opens me up to all of you, I have nothing to hide anymore, you now know everything about my life if you read all I have posted.  Its a bit scary for me, and yet, if I am not honest, what am I doing here.  Who am I lying to by not telling all.  The only way peace and justice will prevail is in the broadest light of day, not in shadows and behind half truths.  Be the Change.

I simply be the light I know I am=)







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