Vega made it=)

Vega Sport rocks.  I know this now as I purposely did not take any prior to my ride from Redondo to Dana Point.  That I am also carrying along a nice bout of Bronchitis in my lungs further added to the test results in which I am stoked to give Vega an A+, or 5 stars or a golden star or whatever you use which denotes… rad.

I waited to use the Vega Sport until Laguna Beach, roughly 10 miles from my destination.  At this point I had already had many ups and downs on the ride, from feeling like a rally car driver in Huntington Beach due to the mass amount of people partying for the Independence Day weekend, drunkenly, randomly milling about and crossing the bike trail every, 3-5 feet directly in front of me, to the opposite end of the spectrum having by having random conversations with party goers in downtown Laguna Beach while asking for directions.

By the time I used it, my wheezing was sounding very bad indeed and I was beginning to plan for my soon to be obsolescence.

I went into a 7-11, filled my water bottle with tap water, added 1 scoop of Vega Sport and truly felt better.  Not jittery or amped, I felt honestly better, my wheezing subsided, fever decreased – I know I get hot when I work out, but I think you’ll agree, you can always tell the difference between fever and good heat buildup, this was fever heat, my body was very upset that I was pedaling=)

I am now resting at my new friends home in Dana Point, going to meet with a large group of cyclists from Canada and Australia and getting well prior to heading to San Diego and then…. MEXICO!

I have limited room on my bicycle for anything, especially for food items/sports drinks/supplements etc., until I stop this ride, there will be room for Vega.  Thank you so much for helping me around the world for Peace and the Environment=)  Mr. Brazier, you rock!



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