Dragons flying, surfing at Trestles with a chest cold…

I had a conversation with good friend Jess in Hawi once and she talked about dragons pissing rainbows, and I remember thinking that when I finally saw a dragon that could fly, I would know that magic was alive and well in the world and we would all be safe.

The night after my tour of SpaceX with Mr. Takahashi as we were walking and talking, I realized, I just saw a dragon today that flies, and not only flies, but flies, out of our planet.  I am speaking of the dragon module which will be part of the manned space flights and has already had it’s first successful voyage/re-entry into the great beyond.

I am man down right now with a chest cold, I don’t believe that it was helped by surfing yesterday at Trestles near Laguna Beach.  I am not the greatest surfer as some of you know, and yet, if I have the chance to play in some of the raddest waves on the California coast, cold or no, what can I do=)

Trestles was a rad spot, the dirt trail to get to it, passing under bridges, hence the name:



a frame typically composed of a horizontal bar or beam rigidly joined or fitted at each end to the top of a transverse A-frame, used as a barrier, a transverse support for planking, etc.; horse.

Civil Engineering .


one of a number of bents, having sloping sides of framework or piling, for supporting the deck or stringers of a bridge.

a bridge made of these.

1300–50; Middle English trestel  < Middle French,  by dissimilation from Old French trestre  ≪ Latin trānstrum  crossbeam
That I had a cold at the time was no big deal, I was going surfing, I thought of nothing beyond being in the ocean.
Later, as I tried to sleep, my lungs were so constricted I could barely breathe, to the point that I had to force air in and force it back out… suffice to say, no more surfing while sick…
Thanks for taking me Leigh, for showing me your favorite surf spot… thanks for being so rad and sharing so much of your story with me.
I’ve been staying with Leighs sister Paige and her roomie Ian, who is an MMA fighter who goes predominantly vegan when he trains and now I am writing and watching the Vin Diesel movie Babylon AD, one of those movies that you think about later on and wonder why you let part of your life be lost to something as silly as a movie.
Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about dancing in the rain.
Expect a Miracle.
I no longer know who the monsters are any more.  I know that evil is taught, as is good…  who is the monster….

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