The Final Frontier – Two day old story, sorry=)

Today started early, 6 or so in the am, and now the day has ended with me watching   Amado, play infamous 2.  I rode from West Hills through LA to Hawthorne to meet with my host for tonight and a tour of SpaceX (www.SpaceX.xom).

I thought that I was going to be walking into an extremely rigid environment, I was instead, delightfully greeted by so many varieties of people in casual clothes working on machines that boggled the mind putting together the future of our space program!  From rocket engines which will power the Falcon 9 to the Dragon module which will eventually contain men and carry out missions to the space station.

The company was started, by the gentleman who started PayPal, apparently he was also in the Ironman movie for a cameo, so I was greeted by life size Ironman replicas as well as spaceships, today was a kids dream day!

After my tour, in which my mind was put on overload with fantasies of the future where man is brought together by the common goal of DEEP SPACE exploration, I went to Starbucks for my signature drink, Decaf, hot soy and matcha powder, very ninja…

I hung out in the cyber realm for a bit and then began talking with three gentleman, One was very wealthy (extreme ninja wealth if I may), one middle class retired who used to be a train operator in his working years, the other, at the lower end of the socio-economic scale.  In talking with these three gentleman, I felt like I was at a table with three faces of God.  We talked about racism, the growing disparity of wealth in America, how we no longer really MAKE anything here and what the future may hold.  For me, it was fantastic and I’ll say no more as, what can I say, it was like having coffee with three faces of God=)


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