John Adams Middle School and SpaceX

I’ve been thinking about my last day riding while hanging with friends here in Woodland Hills/West Hills.

I got lucky with the car wreck, I rode away with a slightly bent front rim, a popped saddle and a shaken flesh suit, he went away with a cracked front bumper and his license plate torn off, and I dont want to talk about it anymore.  I need to curb my drama bone or I wont get a thing done in this world…

What I would like to touch on is the speaking marathon I had at John Adams Middle School in LA.  It is rare for me in this day and age to get into conversations that are so real.  I suppose I should explain a bit, and this is nothing new, you have heard it all before, but now you hear it from me and I’m the guy on the bike so it’s different.  Most conversations we get into are almost scripted in that we dont truly hear what the other is saying, only enough to make up our minds about what we will say next.  Can you see times when you do this.  Also, if you are new to this, my blog, know that I only speak about things that I do, I am not speaking from a soap box, just from personal experience, know yourself and you know the world, lie to yourself about who you make yourself to be each and every day…. beware the world you live in.  All this being said, let your children teach you how to have a real conversation for those of you that have kids and those of you who dont, offer up some free babysitting for friends that do, it will be the best thing you could do for yourself, along with the other million things like recycling, being vegan, working out, loving your neighbor etc etc etc….

My aim was not so much to give a speech, but to engage in a conversation as this would allow for more potential for change.  Does that make sense?  I want to try to actually engage people beyond what I am doing, especially in a school setting, to have a conversation that would be meaningful and moreover memorable.  This is how we create change right…?  To speak with, not at.

I allowed for any questions what so ever and the conversations really took off, every class the talk went into a completely different direction, from the current war in Iraq and what it is to kill people, dating, the environment, the movie “The Cove” and slaughter of dolphins and animals in general which led to a talk about my being VEGAN….  I was given small gifts, tokens of power to keep me safe, had my picture taken, and found a sense of self I had not had prior.

I also got to see what school lunches look like.  I have nothing to say beyond the following:  To the students who are FORCED to eat school lunches, and yes, I know there are some of you who are stoked as this may be some of the most substantial food you are given throughout the week, I apologize that the system, which WE AGREE TO EVERY TIME THERE IS A VOTE, has decided to shuffle you into oblivion in which you will be required to fight for dignity, good food, and, an education.  My apologies and good luck.  It isnt so bleak, dont ever let anyone tell you it is, that you are alive is testament to the fact that you will be O.K. if only yo want to be, this is a more complex theory that I have yet to be able to put into words, I hope your path in life will show you the meaning behind it, a good place to start is the book of Tao – The Tao Te Ching.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about the Navy Seals I met while in the navy and their thoughts on killing and what it is to be a trained assassin for the US Navy.  The loneliness, the separation from not only people, but their own humanity, the sheer impossibility of having someone to love, of course there are those who are able to pull it off, but the exception in this case does not make the rule…..  Thanks for believing me when I say that War is not good, for anyone, not even the profiteers (Those who make money off war but suffer none of the pain and suffering).

That being said, you guys rocked and many thanks for everything.

Now I have the honor of being invited to Van and Cindy’s daughters B-day!  I am bad with names and forgot hers, so, we’ll see what we can do about that, big news for me, They have a giant inflatable bouncy castle for the event=)

I leave tomorrow, head to the coast where I will stay with a most interesting gentleman indeed, he works for SpaceX –

All I can say is I am going to see where, in the future, we may look back at this and say, “Those are the folks that made Star Trek a reality…”  I was told that I would receive a tour, so….. keep posted for that =)


Aloha for now, I have a party to assist with and a bouncy castle in which I need to be bouncing




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