My first climb, being healed, riding fully loaded in LA

My first climb was beyond fantastic, the pics are on facebook, soon they will be on my WEBSITE!!!!  Anyway, the climb, over the top rad and scary beyond belief.  I took the ninja approach and just went for it, I have a slight fear of heights which, suprisingly biking has helped me over come.  i reckon all those semis passing me at 80 on back country roads with no shoulder have had something to do with it.

So I went for it, I hit about 30-40 feet, for those who are numerically challenged this represents 3-4 stories on average buildings.

so I went for it, didnt look down and climbed, I was told that my wearing sneakers did not help my initial ascent, and that I did so well was attributed to my ninja sensibilities=)

I dont know if any of the three of you who read this have climbed, but the intensity on the forearms is extreme, this is do to my lack of knowledge about climbing, i can only assume that one should use the legs more than the arms, I mean, when you climb a ladder do you pull yourself up or use your legs to get up and arms as balance…  right, ninja.  So, my arms began to burn, and after a few moments more, beyond the burn, they screamed, regardless of the safety gear and assurance from below that it was ok to let go, I didnt want to, I mean, it was a long way down, what if this was the time the rope would snap?

I simply couldnt hold on any longer, so i let go and fell backwards into space, frantically trying to grab the rock face with fingers that were so tired they couldnt hold onto anything if i could grab it anyway=)

And there i was dangling for a moment, and then it turned more into flying and then I was rappelling down to earth, a born again ninja.

I do all these things because I want to live, I want to trust, I want to love my life and not look back on a million missed opportunities that were missed because of fear.  I do it becuase those of you who do read this, know I am just a guy who has fears, and if I can do it, so can you. If I can change my life, so can you… do you see?

Went dancing in Hollywood, HUGE THANKS to P. Beckers/Spundae, the true home of world class clubbing=)  In a word, I danced, for many hours, first time I danced completely sober perhaps ever in my life…  changed nothing, still a ninja=)


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