My first car crash and a whole day at a middle school=)

What a day today has been, MAH GOODNESS!  It started out at 8am, thats when I met tMr. Miller homeroom class and from there on I was the reason for the season.  Very powerful day, soe of the questions that came my way, especially the 5th period class, or was it the fourth, one of them we had such a conversation about war, killing, the planet, a conversation that ordinarily would be reserved for a much older crowd and yet, these 12-14 year olds were so… they were there, they led the conversation.  I am very careful about what I speak about as I know that when i am in a classroom, I am planting seeds, I want to be very observant of the seeds I am sowing, lest I have the opposite effect of what I am intending.

What amazing people, and so many, one class after another, blow me down, for real.

I got whacked by a car today.  I had to cruise on the sidewalk as the street, Venice Blvd, for the Culver City section was not bike friendly.  I am usually good about peering around the driveways in order to avoid what happened today, but the dude was so quick coming out of the drive and bingo bango bongo, I was on the ground and my seat popped apart.  The seat is a WTB titanium Pure V racing saddle, so you can imagine the torque and power of this hit.  that being said, that it was the only thing to be injured still has me amazed.  I am currently suffering from the post adrenal shakes and am using this as my outlet… thanks all.

The seat was subsequently fixed by the gentleman who whacked me and the local garage around the corner, heck of thing getting a racing saddle with titanium rails back together….  But whats important is that we did.

I am getting picked up by my friend Jennifer, from many lifetimes ago…

What a day, enough for now, remember, no talking about this to my parents, they dont surf the web, no need to get them nervous… right!?!?!?!?!

Aloha, have a great day and know that the youth are rad and we do have hope.


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