Rock Climbing, Healers, Scientology, Aloha

I’m listening to a skinny white guy that has the voice of a 400 pound black man…  Elliot Whitmore…  go figure..  He rocks.
I’m staying with a healer, rock climber in Malibu.  We met in New Mexico, she took me snowboarding at Wolf Creek in Colorado.   Now she heals my mind and teaches me to climb rocks, both things I will obviously need on this journey…
I did my first rock climb the other yesterday, and may I say, deep water solo on a 20 ft sheer face!  I’m exagerating slightly, it wasnt life and death, but it was rad!  Tomorrow, going to do a proper climb, wish me luck=)
The Mega Huckfest in Pismo beach was mind bending, for many reasons, I never saw trucks do what those trucks did that close (trucks landing 10 feet from me) in real life, I never knew that a giant group of gear heads would be absolutely rad to hang with, I did not know that crushing a can and covering it with sand constitutes recycling, what else….   To attendees of the Mega Huckfest, I think your event is absolutely rad, like waaaaaaaaaay rad.  Please start cleaning up after yourselves.  Its a beautiful spot, dont let it go to shit cause your lazy like that…  You know?  Please… Pretty please=)  With a turbo ATC 70 on top… HA!
The bike ride from Thousand Oaks to Malibu was intense, I even got to have the police “question and answer slow drive along session”, i.e. I am out of breath on this hill pushing my bike and the Sheriff is asking me the who what when where why….  =)  Its cause I’m sexy, thats the only thing I can think of… HA!  The scenery was sweet and the hills were such that I ended up doing a fair bit of walking…  If you get a chance to ride the malibu hills/canyon, get on it, it’s rad!
I’m now reading Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged….
Talking with Shawna’s (healer- rock climber) landlord, what d’ya know, he is David Carradine’s brother… Hell Yeah!  He didnt kill himself, and thats a fact.  I knew he didnt…
I was honored to sit with a Hollywood exec today for her birthday and was told about Scientology, saving the children of the world, talking politics, talking about life, love, the pursuit of happiness and keeping the planet happy…
Like many of you I have heard only little quips and whispers, of course we all know Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, until today I never knew the depth this organization goes to protect our rights as Americans, no, thats not correct, they are global, as humans.  The core of Scientology is in concert with many core teachings of other religions and, to me, seems to be based in making the individual, not making so much as guiding the indivdual to the highest that they can be, or, enlightened.  In doing this they are constantly working to preserve the rights of us as humans in the face of goverment intervention.  Two instances I learned about today that I bet you never knew about, and one of them is currently underway as we speak.
A.  They were pivotal in getting the million(s) acre mental health center, gov’t run, in Alsaka shut down before it opened, part of the legislature surrounding this thing would allow for detainment without question of average folks such as you or I for mental health reform…..   Ummmmm, are you serious, yes, it is serious, and yes, they shut it down, but to something even more diabolical…
B.  Did you know, as you read this, there are major pharmaceutical companies working very, very diligently to make it mandatory for the testing of all children entering kindergarten, and wait till you read this, they want to test for those who should be on drugs to control thier behavior – riddlin, prozac etc.   !!!!!!   I dont know what you know about Scientologists, I know they have our best interests at heart and are worldwide putting it together for our benefit.

Still tripped out that the gentleman living on this property is part fo the Kung Fu legend, well, that and the next door neighbor is a Representative, have to talk to him next, get this crazy political thing sorted out=)

I’m starting to figure this all out, this whole bike ride thing, what I’m doing, I’m stoked, well, in a way.  I am still battling with demons, in my head, not in real life, tough that would be cool, well, not really, that would be kinda sketch, maybe in a year or so, my point!  I’m going in between being positive and absolutely hopeless.  Thankfully, I am starting to be more on the positive side than the hopeless side, tough work, for me at any rate…  Its starting to work though, not only is the cup half full, but this is what I am going to do with the cup and its contents.


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