This is my life, sitting in my freinds driveway in Thousand Oaks California.  I’m cross legged on my bed in a restored “Aristocrat” camper by Landmark.  They would never name something “Aristocrat” these days…  So restored I am listening to Jimmy Hendrix on 8 track=)  I’ll write it again for you if you are dumbfounded… 8 track dude=)
I’m sore all over from kung fu.  I’m pushing myself as hard as I am comfortable, 4-5 hours a day, lots of hand stands, by the time I am halfway on this ride, i will be ninja, byt the time I am ready to finish, no one will see me disappear=)
I built some planters for Jon and his wife, well, and child, Kira, a big one, about 6ft long by 3 wide, just walls, place it on the ground, put in dirt and compost, BOOM!  Garden, instant, manageable, ninja.  I also made 3 “showbox” type planters for herbs by the kitchen…. but enough about me=)
I was watching some shows on leaglization of marijuana in america today and learned some things, for instance, Portugal made legal “ALL” drugs and now they treat everyone who does drugs as having an illness, not a criminal.  Have you heard much about drug problems in Portugal?  I havent, the guy said it was working, the guy, the President, we havent heard about it, sooooo… maybe it is.
Our drug Czar doesnt want anything to do with that, some of the cops they interviewed dont either.  especially this gentleman in Kentucky, he seemed very concerned about marijuana, he also seemed so into it, maybe he was concerned about what he would do if it ever was made legal… Hate something for so long you make a living by hating it, well, thats a tough one….
A lot of money gets used in this “War”.  helicopters, rapelling, special units and weapons and devices and gear……  To bust people living in the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outback, and when I say bust, 3 guys rappelling into a pot patch the size of a ford truck…….  Ummmm, maybe use peoples tax money for other stuff please….  Like making my speeder bike possible and cleaning up the planet.  One of the guys they busted, and got into prison for 3 years, or was it 13, anyway, this guy was a barefoot goat farmer in the BOONIES.  They were stoked they busted him, even though he mainly just used it for himself and didnt get out much, or off his land in the middle of nowhere…  I served in the Navy, I paid federal taxes, you used my money to bust a barefoot goat farmer in the middle of nowhere.  Lame.
Anyway, people will do what they will=)
I have a fake tattoo on my arm from Kira, it’s the “Beast” from looney tunes/Bugs Bunny…  Do you know what I’m talking about, the big red hairy “monster” with sneakers=)
I dont have internet access in the camper, I kind of do, but have to stand by the door to make it work, so this will have to wait until tomorrow.
Headed to the desert with Jon this weekend and then Malibu on Sunday, then on down the coast.
Its still so neat to see this come together, I’m really digging the groove.  I get to see what so many people think of me, get to know people, thats a trip, getting to see all of us running around with what each of us feels is so important, myself included, always, just running around, trying to glean wisdom and support for our individual causes, sometimes I simply wonder, to what end….  Sometimes I get really down on myself and lose my mission, other times I am sure I can single handedly save the planet…
I can say with 100 percent certainty that I do not have this whole thing figured out, and thats cool, cause I have something to do simply by not having it figured, it becomes my thing to do, all the time.  Isnt that the only thing we should be worries about as humans, constantly trying new things, isnt that our purpose to always try new things and only continue with those that make us wiser, healthier, more loving and compassionate, more ninja, less likely to be deleted by Darwinian theory, i.e. exceedingly comfortable creatures, there is no room for laziness or exceeding comfort in nature as the machine never stops, everything is always on, RIGHT NOW.  I still get so caught up in then and soon, before and after, past future….  Sometimes I really think I am getting it, maybe when i do no one will hear from me anymore, i’ll slip out the side door, most of you only know me through the internet at this point, I could leave and someone could step into my shoes?  Thats just interesting to think about, how truly easy that is to do these days, isnt that a sign of the times, or is it?  Maybe it has always been that easy…. so easy to be anonymous….                          =)

I saw a show on H.H. Holmes, America’s, Chicago to be exact, our first real serial killer, he had many aliases, vis a vis, he was many people…
Todays times can seem so distant, in regard to other people, there is a lot of room for a lot of space around ones character, we have so little contact with so few people that for many of us, we are able to livea role which may not really represent us.
For instance, if you live in a city and have different roles you have to play, seldom is there crossover between roles, you can begin to shape identities that arent you to better cope with those roles, and since there are not usually many people in ones life who get to see the person behind the roles, eventually, if we are not carefull, we begin to identify with the roles and we lose ourselves and then have no one there to say, Whoa, hold up there amigo, where’d you go so wonky all of a sudden…?
That why I like seeing people I have know for a long time, Koh, Pete, Ray, Jon, Carey, Chelsy, Carly, they KNOW me through facebook, the person I end up portraying to everyone else, AND they also KNEW me at various times, those names written represent Jr. High, High school, Japan/Navy, Hawaii and everything in between.  So when I hang out, like with Pete, he got on me for talking angry about things in the world, and he was right, does me no good to be so upset about the way things seem to be going.

Try to maintain freindships, they rock and over time, if they are true, they can only make you stronger.  We all know this though, right, yeah, for sure…  Of course, my parents who really know me, and the trippy part is my parents now speak to my biological mom, regualrly, so they are gettignt o me on a whole different level, they get to meet 50% of my DNA precursor…  I find it trippy and heartwar,ming for many reasons of which I am sure you can imagine a few=)
Its lookin more and more like the human race is gonna be alright…. stoked on that.  I got a dolphin video from Mr. Stevens in Ventura, he filmed this off the coast with his iPhone and then put music to it, seriously is one of the most mesmerizing videos i have seen in a very long time…  Magical.
I’m just over the waste of resources when it comes to what we do as humans.  You dig, no matter what we do, no matter who is right or wrong, we are all so into our little worlds and proving this over that, we waste soooooooo much.  For all of us doing happy green stuff, dont forget to keep it real, turn off the lights, no single use plastics, recycle, all of it…
I got a sweet surprise today, Re-Plant is going to help me raise money for charity by tacking on 10% of any and all recycling recieopts sent to them in care of HeadsupLancaster and Pedaling for Peace=)  Heads Up is the non-profit that sponsors me….  They rock, but that goes without saying=)  I wish I would have been raising money for them in hindsight, but, I was nervous to put myself out there as I thought I may not be able to make it….  Silly me=)  Sorry Justin….

Aloha for now, more coming, I’ve been thinking again=)


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