fifty cent refills at the Green Mermaid con wifi gratis…

I write to you from the Green Mermaid still under the spell of the haze that no drug or alcohol can provide.  The haze of Sleepy Guy Land.  I went o bed at 3 or so last night, this morning.  I got to tag alone with Katie K. to a Hollywood Party complete with a band, bonfire, Dj, taco station and and drunken ladies in high heels whacking at a pinata.

I got to meet producers, relatives of Central and South American Politicos/Royalty and an Aussie man who’s fathers story was absolutely amazing….  do you want ti in a nutshell, of course you do…

He was a proper working man, rode his bike with a ladder attached and was a window washer.  He got called in to serve his mandatory military time, scored a perfect on the charts, was given the job of counter – counter intel, got out, became a laywer and was asked to serve his nation again by representing them in the Olympics for cross country skiing as one of the things he was required to do while in service was being sent to Switzerland(may have the wrong country) to learn to live in the wilds on skis.

My drink here at Le Mermaid Vert – decaf, steamed soy, 2-3 scoops matcha powder = ninja fuel=)

The party last night was a delight, the pinatas were hillarious, especially once the main lady figured out how to make the pinata go up and down while the blind folded ladies in high heels were swinging like they were possessed.

I ended up eating some candy last night, which is vegan, BUT, it has refined sugar, one of the primary things I have stayed away from for a very long time, even prior to being vegan, what a rush sugar is!  So addictive as well, I had to nearly bolt myself to the ground to keep from going back for more=)  Watch out for that stuff, I am going to place the blame on it for how I feel right this very moment.  Remember, I’m not drinking, so it’s not a hangover!

Celibacy is rad, it has changed the way I even approach a female, every thing has changed, I am no longer a hunter/predator/opportunist, so much as a guest lazily strolling around a museum of fine art=)  Life is good, this has taken out a majority of my perceived stress, who knew, after 7 years of this I may be ready to date again, if the ladies are lucky that is=)  HA!

A large part of me is now able to see the simplicity in living this way, celibate that is, everything is just, well, it just is now=)  For me lovin is one of those things that I could never get enough of, a drug if you will, I could simply never be satisfied, like potato chips, like money for a lot of people or Television, always wanting more.  So many things we think we need and yet, when we step up and cut them out of our lives, we see a whole new way of living.

I wont wax poetic on all this today, my mind is till numb and feels like cold wet wood…

Time to ride the rest of the way to the beach – Ont he road to Venice Beach!



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