Another Interesting thought before I go speak at a school=)

One thing that I find very interesting in reading the text “Guns, Germs and Steel” is that of where we got most of our germs/illnesses from.    First let me put forth a biblical quote, all religions for the greater part hold that eating meat is against their basic values and that it will either lead to your remaining in an un-enlightened state, or, in many, you will actually be judged by the apex of your faith or “God” and misery brought down upon you.
That being (god) said, “And while the flesh was yet between thier teeth, ere was it chewed, the wrath of the Lord was kindled against the people, and the lord smote them with a very great plague.” Numbers 11:33
First the diseases based upon current science that seem MOST LIKELY to have come from animals and then mutated to work on us, after all, as with any living thing, it will adapt to make sure that it’s family line is best suited for the future.  As we domesticated animals and brought them into our lives so that we could have easier lives, those sicknesses which were inherent to them, thus became inherent to us and caused some of the largest epidemics ever, and continue to do so today.
The  diseases: measles – cattle rinderpest, tuberculosis – cattle, smallpox – cattle cowpox and other livestock with other related pox viruses, flu – pigs and ducks, pertussis – pigs and dogs, falciparum malaria – birds (chickens and ducks).
There are others such as Aids, Lassa fever, etc., that do not have to do with domestication of animals and instead just happened to work out in the germs favor.  I speak only to those which come from domestication, and this is not a definitive work, I do not represent the Author of the Bible nor of Guns, Germs and Steel.  I simply enjoy reading and putting together things.
It is well known that vegan or not you will get sick, what is also well known is that if you are vegan, you will get sick LESS.  This is due to the fact that your immune system is able to work at a much more efficient rate.  Simply eating meats and dairy will cause auto-immune reactions.  It only stands to reason that if at every meal, your immune system responded to an attack, it would not take long to debilitate that very system and weaken it.  Of course this is also due to the fact many vegans really watch what they pu tin thier bodies, getting rid of refined salt and sugar go a TREMENDous way to saving your “self”.  One only needs to put refined sugar into thier cars gas tank to get an adequate idea of what happens to ones body.
Basically, this interested me, i will read on and report further findings.  It is only due to our SUPREME adaptability that we are able to punish our bodies and environments so horrifically and still maintain a decent quality of life.  of course, this has to take into effect that we gauge that quality of life from where we are now.  A simple demonstration of what I am saying could be likened to looking at a city at street level, then from the top of a 10 story building, then a 20 story building and then from an airplane.  Until we take the time to think outside the proverbial box, we will always fall short of how truly majestic and magical life can be for us, especially when we decide to take anothers word for it, or worse, simply obey out of fear.
Aloha and the very best to you all=)  Now I am off to Ribet Academy to talk to Miss Katies 5th grade class!!!!!!!!!


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