Aloha Mount Madonna! Thanks for helping the earth and putting me in youur video!

Dear Chris: Thank you very much for participating in our Worldwide Waste Reduction Day!! Each piece of trash helped to reduce the 80% of what we use that ends up in the ocean! You were part of a day where people from Kosovo, Mexico, Hawaii, Japan, India, Minnesota, Delaware, Oregon, California and MORE helped to pick up trash. Please enjoy our slideshow of the event at Our class went out to Main Beach/Cowell’s Beach in Santa Cruz and picked up 32 pounds of trash with our kindergarten and 9th grade buddies. We also worked with kids in Hawaii to touch the water at the same time to bring awareness to all that we use and how much ends up in the ocean. Take a peek at the newspaper article about our clean-up and toe touch. Again, thank you for your participation! With Appreciation, Mount Madonna School’s 5th Grade & Teachers On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 10:17 AM, chris bornstein wrote: Here are my photos for you all=) The first three I wanted to see if I could be artistic, so, they are titled,”shadow ninja pics up trash in the Bear Republic (this is a reference to the California flag, look it up if you are confused=) My name is Chris and I started riding my bicycle on August 27th in Lancaster, PA. Now, you are looking at pictures of me in San Francisco, well, Burlingame to be exact, slightly south of San Fran… I am heading south to Mexico and the rest of the world to promote peace and environmental awareness. Very nice to meet you all=) Aloha! Chris Bornstein facebook/youtube – pedaling for peace


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