What a day…. And a story about crows…. aloha

Snowboarding rocked…  Rocked I SAY!!!  I was scared at first as visibility was, at times, 10-20 feet MAX!  Everything was white, it was like flying in nothingness, amazing…  As I got used to it, it just got better and better, I was on hills I would never had gone down had I been able to see.  So, I guess… stoked on the unknown=)

My legs are burnt out and we are looking, well, Pete is looking for a place that has vegan pizza..

At the bonfire the other night, I heard a story about crows, I’m not sure how they came up, next I knew we were told that a large group of them is called a murder and then…

He had shot a crow with a pellet or bb gun.  As soon as the crow died, this guy, Mr. X we’ll call him, was attacked by the other crows, around 100 of them dive bombing, scratching and pecking.  X ran inside and watched as all the crows lined up and had a memorial for their fallen one.  Later when X went out, he was attacked and followed as he drove away, all the time he was driving they were circling overhead and sh*$ing on his truck.

Later that week when he went to work, he got out of his truck and heard two crows cawing above, they started dive bombing him as he ran to work.  They did the same some 10 hours later when he finished work….

For all of you who think animals are dumb, there is much more to this life than you can imagine, more than we allow ourselves to know, be ready, its coming…

Magic, there is magic in the world…


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