Aloha Blog=) Howz it goin… Eh?

In approximately such and such hours, I will be on a plane to hook up with a friend who has been around for sometime in Seattle.  3 days of auto racing, just the thing for a guy wanting to save the trees from the back of a bicycle=)

I can’t thank Jana C. enough for allowing me to visit here in Vancouver, her father who worked on my back, her sister who is rad and all her friends who are so wonderful and generous.  This is a rockin city and it would do us as Americans much good to spend time here with our neighbors to the North.  The vibe, the forward thinking, the kindness, it’s truly amazing, this city is a monument in current times to what could be.

I’ve met quite a few people on this leg of my journey, my resolve strengthens and I am able to see a much more positive outlook, which is good if I am to make any kind of difference in the world.  Does no one good to hear me moaning…

Two major things have come to be, I am now not drinking alcohol, nor am I having sex/making love/or getting into any romantic situations.   I’ve been feeling the draw of these two changes as they have been the two main things that I feel occupy my time and health, women and alcohol respectively.

With the drinking I was at a point where social drinking was just fine, this being a major accomplishment from my blackout days in the navy and even as recently as Flagstaff, AZ, I did find myself waking up in someones house, missing my things and playing the puzzle game with memories at an odd hour in the morning.   Being that I have been vegan for the last 6 years, even social drinking would linger in the back of my mind as I have the clearly defined knowledge that alcohol, in any and all forms is bad for the body.  So, if I go to such lengths for my diet, why would I seek to undo with every sip.  That is now changed, of course, should you come across me in the middle of the arctic tundra and I am half frozen to death, you will not have to twist my arm much to get me to take a shot of whiskey, especially if you are a very large furry dog…

Now, as for women in my life, this is much more complex to be sure, for, being a man, I have natural desires for a companionship, both in and out of the bed, someone who “knows” me so to speak and all the other host of benefits that come from being in love with someone/having a artner.

It is time for this to change… being with women on my journey is at best a diversion as I cannot hope to actually have a relationship, I am after all on a bike ride around the world.  Further, the breaking hearts that occur at any separation, mine and theirs… well… that really doesn’t help me with my cause, and it is time to get real with myself regarding this.  As much as I want to be a family man and be in a relationship, I am not there right now.  I thank Jana for being a good friend and letteing me see just where I am at, being a good “mirror” as it were and helping me out with many things that lie deep beneath my surface.  If you ever have the chance to live with a therapist, for any amount of time – DO IT!  Perhaps when I finish my ride I will be able to once again see where I stand when it comes to women and love, for now, time to be solo ninja on patrol=)

It is time, in the words of Batman begins, to live for an ideal outside of myself, to strive for something greater that I may be something more than just a man.  I want to do good for the whole world, I can no longer let anything stand in my path of this, so I must raise myself now in area where I never would have even looked a year ago.  How strange and wonderful this life can be if you only follow the signs…

So no drinking or talking to ladies beyond saying Aloha, what next?  We have the races in Seattle with my good friend Pete and his wife Joanie, then back to LA to pick up my things, meet folks in LA, do a few talks, meet old and new friends and most importantly begin riding SOUTH where I will meet the Surfrider Foundation, hang with lots of cool vegan and their respective groups and breathe ocean air all alone.

I’m stoked to be back on my bike again, freeing all the snakes in my brain, becoming precise in my life and the way I live.  I want to be someone I can look up to, maybe then I can make some change that I can be proud of=)  For my life, its game on time…  Thank you Vancouver for letting me get some most important things in order and to write a blog post with the words, “it is time”, way more than need to be written in a post with under 1,000 words.



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