It just keeps getting better…. And I got to ride a bull=)

We went to a party to celebrate the release of Shine’s new Cd which was a fantastic night of dancing, guided meditation, a room where you could drop in and get top notch massage/body work/energy work, hang out on the back deck with the hookah and the fire pit…  fantastic evening…  culminating in some interesting stories…. for me anyway=)

Ont he bus going home, a blind gentleman came on the bus in a very calm, but obviously distressed, i only say this due to the difficulty he had in making up his mind, but what do I know.  through the power of evesdropping, it became apparent the he had been ditched by his “friends”. Even though i find beyond belief that people would dicth a friend, and even further beyond belief that this action would be directed to a blind person in the downtown of a large city, my point is that the bus driver, one of the nicest people I have hads the pleasure of meeting so far in my life, at least the nicest in the 15 minutes that I had to observe her, called this man a mass transit cab (i.e. free) and took him to where he thought he should go to re-connect with his friends, which, even she said, “lord knows why you’d want to, but i’ll make sure you have the chance.”.

Then, some 5 minutes later, i got to ride a bull=)

So my point, Vancuover rocks.

My time with Jana is rad, all her friends and family I have met are rad, everything about the city is rad, like the authentic Chinese military motorcycle with side car=)

The skyline, facing the water is profoundly hi-tek looking, like I’m in a movie of the future.  This place is the future in a way, a city built on wellnes. 

There are many mutterings of how the Prime Minister is a cross between Vader and Voldemort, which, well, at the risk of being truthful, thats a fairly strong view of someone, so it begs the question of what he has done to get that title=)

The Canucks won yesterday, I was greeted by car honking, whoops and hollars of joy and, very cool, a shopping cart race down the hill that passes Jana’s which, as if on que when I mentioned it, we heard the obligatory screech of brakes and loud honking…  After my initial “oh shit…” response, I was further greeted by one of the first gentleman’s friends racing down the hill after him, all was well with the world=)

I was given some of the most wonderful chiropractic work this morning by her father and my carriage will be in a non competitive state with gravity very soon, very excited!  Thank You!

Topping all this off which is a slice of life at best was a walk today through some of the most profound and powerful wilderness I have seen to date, becuase of the immense beauty, I had no choice but to run flat out throught the trails and over the bridge=)




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