Welcome to Canada….. Eh? =)

So, there I am, getting my bags searched and then tested for drugs from some crazy kit with different dyes at the Philly airport.  They found nothing on my Vegan protein and the dude, brother with braids apologized for taking my time and asked me to have a nice trip….

All over right=)

I slept on the plane to Texas, Dallas – Fort Worth, got to see Flava Flav as I got off the sky tram to terminal D, he was hilarious as usual, not that I know him, but he’s a media type dude… so, you know…

Get on my plane to Vancouver and have the absolute joy of sitting beside a Jehovas witness and ended up talking about surfing, living in La Republica Dominicana and of course, the good book.  He shares my belief that there is no hell, the Catholic church apparently now shares this belief as well, further, he showed me many things in regard to prophecies that when overlaid on todays world are chillin at the very least and yet, thank god, he showed me the light, the upside if you will….  Great speaking with him, gave me and my spirituality a lot to think about…


Oh sweet baby Jesus, I had always pictured Canadiennes as sweet people, Americas “Friendly neighbors” if you will…

That was prior to a multi hour wait to be questioned by Immigration – FOR A LONG TIME –  as to why I was there, how I made money, did I accept donations for my bike ride, what is my financial status, why would I be speaking at schools, why would I be in Canada, where I used to live, why did I leave, why am I on a bike ride, what EXACTLY is my message and why am I trying to spread it, am i looking for work here, why am I here for so long…

Every so often the wonderfully feminine voice would echo through the loudspeakers in the baggage claim area outside of the area 51 to which I was now confined, “Welcome to Canada”.


I saw people in this detention center crying, put in handcuffs, come out of what I can only assume were strip searches in all states of disarray, be told they had to go back, that they were not allowed in, pretty heavy, I chilled out by stretching – A LOT, what else could I do for a few hours=)  I tried to make small talk with the officers, but they were not having it, one person made the mistake of complaining about how fast the line was moving, dude, you dont do that, needless to say he got special treatment, not even kidding, “Sir, we are gong to have to speak with you right now, please come this way.”

Bye bye dude…

In the end they even questioned the person picking me up!

When it was all said and done, they let me go without a search and an oil check=)

be stoked for your friendly TSA in the USA, thats all I’m sayin…

I felt bad in a way for them, I mean, can you imagine having a job that forced you to look at everyone in way that pre-supposed they are lying to you about everything… what would that do to a person?  I felt bad for them, I can only wish them the best.

All of that being said, Vancouver, now on day 2, does in fact rock waaay beyond my ability to describe it here, so, maybe they do what they must and the result is a good one, someday it wont be needed, until then, thanks mates….Eh=)

rad place


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