“Gotta Choose Nuthin’ to Lose” (Lady Gaga Sound of Arrows Remix)

Training is nothing, will is everything, the will to act! – Batman

Last night, this morning were great, cruising around Philadelphia with a freind from long ago, bars lit by candlelight, stories about the corridors of power and those that walk among them int he shadows and in the light, me, sitting here bleary eyed, having accidentally cut the line at the ticket counter, had my bags searched with the drug testing kit, still wondering whether or not I should be celibate and chastising myself for having some drinks last night/this morning in those very same candlelit bars…

I like hanging out with old friends, you get perspective, not that I am awake enough to share it now, nor would I, as personal as i want to be in this thing, many times there is simply no point, you wouldnt understand it anyway, everyones is important and full of mystery and wonder when viewed from the 1st person.

Schopenhauer’s Essays are sweet.

I was kinda bummed that I didnt take any pictures while cruising around in our little mini last night… never knew Sunoco had such a large refinery, saw a dude get taken down by the police on South Street, trained in my parents back yard and was showered by cherry blossoms, felt like I was in a kung fu movie, watching a guy getting angry with the desk agent for American, slowly more security are arriving, apparently though they are just part of the new boarding procedures, looking for potential threats, sigh=)… what other ramblings can I put in here…

Had a great stay with my parents, have never been more happy that when my parents and my biological Mom were hanging out….

I’ll be in Vancouver soon, little nervous, little scared….. its a long story=)

No more bitching about politics or the gubmint, whats the point?

I’m really ramblin now…..  Listening to

See if that works…

Aloha all, time to get on a plane=)


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