Time to continue…..sigh….=)

As I sit here and watch, well, watch and type, the extended version of the Lord of the Rings, and yes I think I may do all of them, thats about 12 hours, and why not, my lungs are still, HA, Frodo Baggins, totally looks like Ethan in Hawi, he doesnt read this so we can have a laugh behind his back, and if he did, he knows I love him and his family, and what a family it’s becoming=)  Congrats Ethan and Leia!  Quite honestly, he does look like him…..

Lets not lose our way…  I have no idea where I was even going with this, yes, so, my adventure continues, tomorrow, i journey out, I thank Carol and her family from the depths of my heart, again I find myself being so thankful to those who would give me refuge while I heal.

Three families now, the Guyettes in Henderson when as a 35 yr. old man i came down with chicken pox, and what a time I had for the three days before I figured out that it was chicken pox, goodness, I reckoned death had found me in the form of, well, something that gave me blisters ALL OVER!

Next was Reuben and Shamata in Santa Barbara, this is when my lungs became gnarly, well, gnarlier than usual=)

And now, here I am at Carol and Bills and their three wonderful children.  Carol made me a potion which I can only write off as magical, herbs and tonic, my lungs ache and yet there is a distinct difference, whatever I have had, my baggage for the last month seems to finally be coming to an end.

So, the adventure begins again, off to Ventura, then to Thousand Oaks, La, then to Mom and Dad in Lancaster Pa for their 43 wedding anniversary and my Moms B-day.

Mom and I have been at odds, mainly due to me not being understanding for most of my life, so it is with huge thanks to Michelle who has bestowed upon me a ticket, so that I may finally surprise my Mom on the day which is hers, afterall, we never know what may happen do we, sitting here in the waiting room, there is always the chance that this will be it, so it is time to be a good son……… for once=)

thats all that matters for today, you know that this trip has brought me back to my parents with respect and love, after this, all is mine and I cannot be stopped in my mission….  we have much to do, orphanages to build, politics to dissolve and people to free, it wont be done by me, so get crackin’ folks, we have our lives to save and a planet to clean.



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