Still in Ojai getting well=)

No drinking, no smoking, steaming my lungs and sinuses 3 times a day with tea tree oil, I have been dubbed “ghost in the living room”, sitting in various locations with a large white blanket draped over my head, and due to it’s size, most of my body, inhaling deeply…

Whatever it was in the waters when I surfed has decided to come along with me for a lot longer than I had hoped, but then, it may have somewhere to be, so, I guess it’s nice to be of service to even the bacterium of the planet…

I’m thankful for having landed here at Carol and Bills, allowed to cook for the family, constantly being given herbal handmade remedies, making teas, doing qi gong and bagua in the backyard, working on their bicycles as best I can and going to the bike shop when it is beyond me….

Time moved quickly, it will be Saturday tomorrow, didnt see that coming, I’ll be heading to Ventura, then Thousand Oaks, then LA and then home to Lancaster to visit my Mother and father, ma and pa, make sure the home fires are burning brightly, and then back to LA and then, then it gets REALLY interesting.

Canada.  I have never been.  35 years old and never been to the north… eh.

I’m going to hang out with Jana and help raise awareness for my ride in Vancouver and maybe see just how deep Cupids arrow will strike…. yay=)

Then back to LA to begin speaking again and heading south to Mexico.

So much to be thankful for in this life, I mean, yes, there are many things goin gon that could be construed as sketchy in our world that we’ve dreamed up and yet, I just cant help but think that we have done such a job as humans that the denouement is going to be fantastic, amazing …  Many who have lived before me all have felt the same in thier youth as I have been told time and time again in my journey, with a twist, they all agree, and I heard it again this evening, that in my lifetime, there will be a resolution to the tension, you can feel it, surely you can…?  Yes?  Isnt it amazing, it is almost palpable in the air.  Everyone that I have spoken with agrees that life, our world has become a lesson in absurdity, nothing really makes true sense anymore, yes of course for the sake of economics things are extremely clear cut and precise and yet, economics only exists because of it’s firm footing on terra firma, which, due to economics lack of reality undermines itself EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

So, at some point, my denouement, from the French word for knot (denoer) and the Latin word meaning to untie (nodus)….

We are all alive, I almost cried the other day, i love writing that wondering what people think, are we still a uber sexist society where males cant cry…  probably….  I am blessed, or have blessed myself depending on what spiritual or moral bent you lean upon, and of course, as usual, my apologies if this is boring, especially for you who read this hoping to see things about bike riding, sorry, truly I am, stick with me and you’ll have your bike stories…

I only recently came to terms with the sloth like nature of my progress around the world.  if I am to make a difference, I should definitely have some sort of solid footing, it appears that as I slow my pace, as I have done so upon my arrival in San Francisco, I am putting together, or the great beyond, again, depends on what you prescribe to, a team of epic proportions.  When this started it was myself and Jacqueline, my A+, number 1 cheerleader, bless her heart for she suffers daily from ailments that cause such excrutriating pain, and yet the doctors, to include the Mayo Clinic are simply at a loss, and yet, she drives me ever forth, “If anyone can do this, it’s you….”.  Well, not without you Jacqueline, not without you=)

And we grow this twosome of peace, Now there is Michelle the Pirate, who is slowly becoming a project manager of sorts, and Gayle – who is going to revamp the website and make it pretty with the help of Missy in Ventura.

Taking one step back, then there was Adelaja who helped with the site and got it sweet, of course Yumi V. Vong who made it in the first place, and I step back more and now I see all the people at the bike shops who donated to my bike and all the homes through that were opened to me and other homes from complete strangers who opened thier hearts and homes to me and my mission.

I remember Maurice Tierney, he publishes Bicycle Times and DirtRagMag, when i first got to his place, he realized that he didnt know me and we had actually just sent e-mails back and forth and now here I was at his house and would end up being there for nearly 2 weeks!

At thins point, my bicycle and I, through 6 degrees of separation only exist because of the entire planet being on my team.

Which brings me to a point if you have actually made it this far in this missive, which i will now look up to ensure i am not being a careless wordsmith… hang on… right, kind of fits, formal or official letter, on we go, so this missive, what was I even saying, Ah, my point, I am on this ride to promote peace and environmental awareness, in doing so, I constantly find myself looking in the blank and lifeless face of “The Man”, that which seeks to carry out an means to an end which allows for people such as myself to feel they have to go forth to raise awareness to people about what is really going on, dont worry, i’m getting there….  The reason for the “mans” ability to shaope the face of our planet in the way that is being done is truly due to one factor as i can best identify thus far – “The Man” stays organized with all aspects of itself even if they appear not to.  it’s the organization, whats more is the ability for this to completely disorganize anything that would seek to challenge it, or “the man”.

Even politics, I hear COUNTLESS citizens speak of the sheer pointlessness of voting due to the apparent lack of difference between Democrat or Republican, Liberal, Conservative, etc etc etc, AND YET, in the very next breath, “so who are you going to vote for?”, or, and I love this one, “i really thought Obama was gonna be the one….. well, maybe next time.”

And these are the people that at least look at the possibility that politics is a rigged game, many, if not most buy it wholesale, it is not a soap opera made for general consumption, but a real, here and now way to make change…….  only if you mean in the politicians pockets taken from yours, thats the only change.

I once heard a saying, and to this day, even with the AWESOME power of “google it”, I cant find it again, but here it is – The best way to keep from giving the right answers is to get people to ASK the wrong question…

In writing this I remembered I saw it on the X-files long ago, and how poingnant is it, can you feel the truth in that, if you think this in your mind while thinking about politics, is there a chance you will look at politics if ever so slightly differently, just for a moment?  Look at the resource not only in conversation between friends, but financial etc that goes into politics, and imagine the power to the common man that would be freed up if only it were shifted to real things.

for instance, instead of placing your hopes and dreams on a man that you will more than likely never meet in a real and productive way, you instead focused 100% of your energy and living the life you wish would be promoted by this man.  you simply started living it yourself.  Are you picking up what I’m throwing down , or am I late night rambling…  i think I’m rambling cause no one is answering me, so I’ll stop.

All i ask is that you, whomever you are reading this, take a moment and think, what if they really are just putting on a play for you and did what they pleased, giving only enough to keep you coming back again and again, like gambling with 4 year intervals between pulls on the one armed bandit?

Aloha and goodnight whomever you are=)


One thought on “Still in Ojai getting well=)

  1. This elongated “illness” you are experience is a release of kept energies that are no longer beneficial to you. I sense it will be gone very soon. Also, I urge you to cry. Your journey is one of phenomenal proportions and is no doubt filled with many ups and downs. Crying is another release that I do believe will help you heal in more ways than one! I am sending you energy and light. Enjoy your moments.

    Gabriela Welch

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