Aloha, still here, still on the mission=)

I havent written about my ride because they have all been in and around Ventura and Ojai, I just keep bouncing between the two and last night I finally had a really really solid dream, a wild magical dream…..  but first, a word from our sponsors…. HA!

My bike is now running Schwalbe 45 tyres (sexy British style spelling), an Easton E50 front racing rim and thanks to Chris (sponsored rider for American Heart  Association, doing the good work and keeping your kids educated on health in schools) and Eric (Doing the good work and keeping PETA up and running smoothly on the West Coast, someone has to keep you all informed on how people kill your supper and enslave beasts for your entertainment) cleaning out my 140lb, I am now down to a more realistic 60-70lbs.

The ninja as changed and I am loving riding around this area.  I have been to the hotsprings so many times I dare not count any longer, very healing with a river running along side it=)

I have been eating amazing food between these two spots, Ventura and Ojai, lost of locally grown organic goodness and now i am also utilizing this time to rid myself once and for all of this cough/mucus thingy, I put out enough mucus a day to frost 90 to 120 cupcakes heavily, it’s absolutely ridiculous, ABSURD!  At least the frosting is becoming all clear which I am told is a good sign.

I received a healing treatment yesterday, energy work,  I did not know what to expect, I’ve gotten many acupuncture treatments, many massages, lots of work done, nothing like this.  I really didnt feel anything during the session outside of a general sense of well being, at one point my breathing really dropped….  She told me that something may come up for me, maybe a dream, in fact, she had suggested i ask for a sign, or something, I may be mincing words now, I ask for something such as a dream, well, a dream is exactly what I got….

And now, here it is for you all to help me figure out what is meant by it=)

I was in a house and of course, as the distnce between the dream and dreamer widens, so do the details become more blurry, hence pen and paper beside the bed….

I was in a house helping my Chinese Medicine/Kung Fu teacher clean it, apparently it was his house, there was someone else helping clean as well.  i was in a patch of grass pulling weeds and grabbed a couple of mushrooms which dumped out a yellowish fluid I recall being sqeamish about…

I think the house was mine…..

He came out and said there was more to do and handed me a small tin heart box painted black and gold, in the shape of a heart, like the old Pennsylvannia Dutch, the Amish style painting=)

He said it was full of meat and cheese, both had been there for a while, he kept them there as a way to fight off his urge to eat them, but they were surely rotten by now and it was my job to clean it out.

I looked for something to put the mess in and found a plate, I placed the heart shaped box on the plate and begin walking, as I did I noticed a white sac flopped out of the front of the box and rested on the plate, almost like a bulbous white tongue…

Next thing I knew, little baby turtles were coming out of this, when I say little, they were TINY, teeny weeney, no bigger than my pinky finger, no, no bigger than the nail on my pinky finger after I’ve chewed it down a bit, not even now that I am looking at it, maybe no bigger than the part of the pencil point below the yellow and above the lead (which we all know if now graphite due to poisoning concerns=)

They werent the fastest given their diminutive size, BUT, I was in such a state of shock that they were falling off the plate and I had to very carefully get them back on…

I was very suprised and stoked and immediatley begin yelling for my teacher and about this time, the sandman went away and there I was waking up in Bens’ home in Ojai….

Ben from Brittain, ridden the Kiwi coast from top to bottom 3 times, Aloha Ben, thanks for letting me stay and dream about turtles!!!!!!!!!!!

I seem to recall 5 in all, some of them


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