Bike ride to Ventura, Communion in Ojai, and one of the greatest companies in the world to work for….

Lets start with the bike ride for those rare folks who actually follow this to hear about my biking, much has happened in this arena.

The ride to Ventura was, in a word EPIC.  For starters, i must commend the Great Republic of California for it’s attention to detail with the Pacific Coast route.  How they managed to make a bicycle route so clearly marked that in all the miles I have been riding it – and lets be succinct, I started noticing it near Oceano, so from my talk with the wonderful children of Oceano Elementary to now, it has been a breeze, no maps needed!

Back to now, or 2 days ago.  The ride was epic, I of course made the NUMBER 1 mistake of seeing bright happy sun, this would be the morning of the day after I was given an opportunity to speak before the man and women of Fishbon artist collaborative, for some reason i re-call bowing a lot, why not, how often to do you get to be on the front page of a paper and speak to ninjas in the field of Art, so i bowed….

I got up, I was allowed to sleep at the collective on the 3rd floor, woke up, gathered my things from the Hostel where I met Rachel from Brittain, what a hoot she was, and off I went, such a fantastically beautiful day, bike path pretty much the entire way down the beach, huge bike lanes, me with no shirt never once realizing what was going on to the skin on my back…

I got to lend a hand to a guy with a flat and got to race a couple who was decked out in ninja racing gear, i got them on the flat, when the hill came my 120 lb load negated my superior ninja skill….

Upon arriving in Ventura, well, I hope everyone can have a string of good fortune like that, keeps a person smiling.  I got a place to stay from Shelley, beautiful lady who owns the Bike Depot, then went to Patagonia, the gentleman i was to meet, George was not in, never the less, i was given a meal at their cafe, and I mean a meal, then went to my couch host, Mark, I was wholly unprepared for this place, felt like I was walking into a tropical Asian styled meditation center, way to go dude, you rock!

We cooked a great vegan lasagna and the next day i went to meet with George at Patagonia again and not only got hooked up with sweet gear, BUT, got hooked up with Chris, sponsored by Patagonia and I’m sure others, AND rides for the Heart Association teaching kids to be healthy at schools AND (yeah, this dude is a ninja), he does something that I can not tell anyone about lest the magic be lost, AND, he hooked me up with Mike (?), a former racer and now paid PETA activist, very rare, they went through everything I had and helped me lose HALF OF MY STUFF!!!!!  My time moving forward will be a breeze, I weigh half as much=)

Ray, from Rays bikes, replaced my front rim with an Easton 50, I had an Aksium racing rim, which was rad, and due to it’s flat blade spokes made the sweetest sound heading downhill, like a ninja chopping corn in a field….. really?

So, the problem with this was the spokes, the flat spokes and the inticacy of design would make it very difficult to find replacements, so much so that not even Joselyns who honored me with it had replacements.  So now I have SUPER NINJA front rim….

I got the download from chris and Mike(?) and Chris’s girlfriend who is a doctor, I mean, I’m outside of myself with the love being sent my way… Thank you, from the top and bottom of my heart, thank you!!!

Eves dropping now, Reese Witherspoon just got married in Ojai and big ballers all around=)

Tonight I go to a magical property to get some high intensity ninja training and a vegan dinner/potluck….  So much happening..

So, I’ll be here for a couple days, went to church this morning and was given a wonderful time, Many thanks to the Ojai Valley Community Church, I wrote down two things – Acts 17. 25 and John 4.32  whats it mean to you….?

Right, now, I have been given the gift of a tune up, so, away I go=)



P.S.  One of the best sayings that I have heard in a good long while – from the movie Ong Bak 3, thanks to tony Jaa for being waaaaaaaaay beyond ninja, anyway the quote ” where there is shadow, light is nearby”.  lets remember that moving forward, it is easy to focus on the shadow never once acknowledging the light that makes it so.  Lets now start turning our daily conversation to the light.


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