Praise to Bill Bryson and thank god for lung infections=) nothing to do with bicycling, well, lil bit=)

This is going to be a work in progress, feel free to help me add and subtract info!

We are now up to 3 books that really help to symbolize my thoughts on things and a couple movies.

Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything

John Berger, The Way We See

Tao Te Ching –  Lao Tsu

Movies in a bit=)

I havent written much and for this I rebuke myself, I always tell myself it’s because my writing is bad, and yet, I of all people now know that practice makes perfect.  Here I am.

The first book, by Bill Bryson has given me the most “hope” of any book I have written for the simple fact that it put everything in perspective, it is after all a “Short History on Nearly Everything”.

We are living in the Holocene era, this, according to scientists is the first of it’s kind according to everything that that they cast their theories from.  it is the most temperate the earth has ever known, without, we may very well not be here.  It is also the shortest of the periods recorded and has managed to last longer than the history would suggest it should.

Basically, the book gave me peace of mind in that, I do not think we, the human species which acts more like a virus, thank you agent Smith, is essentially doomed unless we can figure out a way to send ourselves to another planet.

Now, I do not believe we should be punished, I love getting my vegan tofu from a supermarket and I love my life.  I was also having trouble rationalizing my life, after all, I want to save the world and yet i ride around on a bicycle, which would not be available without vast quantities of petroleum, I will have to ride that vehicle for the next who knows how long….

My point, it seems that we are in/on the perfect stage for enlightenment.  What I mean to say is, the earth has been around for the last 4.5 billion or so years according to the people in white lab coats.

If you compact all of this time into 24 hours, we, humans, somewhat disctint from chimpanzee, we share in the neighborhood of 98 percent gene match, heck, we share half the chemical processes of a banana for that matter… so we compact all of this into 24 hours and humans show up 1min and 17-18 seconds BEFORE midnight.  In other words, if you were to hold your arms out to either side, the distance from your left middle finger to your right wrist would represent 0 humans of any kind.  If you take a medium grain nail file and lightly sand the nail on your right middle finger, you would just have erased all of our history, no more JFK, Hiroshima, Monsanto, Politics, Romans, Christianity, Islam, nothing, all gone.

In this, our own long lives of 90 years amount to something of a moment of thought, if even this in the grand scheme.

Based on all this, the history of man, which I finally see the importance of, really all we need to busy ourselves with is what is absolutely in tune with the planet and our own individual souls.  We need to be 100 percent focused on following our own individual dreams, our candle flame is snuffed at the moment it is lit according to providence and the grand march of time.  to let anyone dictate what we “should” or could be doing, to let anyones words affect us negatively, it’s a wash in the end and the end seems to be much nearer now that we zoom out to a scale more online with the universe, which, is where we live. The planet is going to be O.K.  There are and have been many occasions where everything on the planet is essentially wiped out, although, surprisingly it seems that the tortoise was slated to be king of the earth a few times during these mass cleansings.  it’s like cleaning your kitchen counter.  You do not do it with a vengeance, and yet, it is done, everything dies in a stroke, a few survive and thats essentially what has been going on here since we started doing our best to unravel the mystery.

So thats it, do the absolute best for all while you are here…. The easiest way to this is to not lie to yourself, even inadvertently, which is why a true portrayal of history is very important.

Imagine, you feel that you have to listen to everything your government tells you, i am a US citizen, so lets look at the US. Gov’t.

Before we do that, lets look at something, and if you bear with me, you’ll see my point shortly.

Corn, it has been the thing which has basically kepot the human species alive and moving forward.  Many indigenous cultures, especially here in the US and mexico rely on it from the beginning of their written history.  Mexico alone has a robust 7-800 varieties.

There is a company in America called Monsanto, they are well known for making DDT, Agent orange and round up, more currently they are known for cross contamination and subsequent lawsuits of small to large scale farmers all over the US.  They are suing because they plant their corn in fields opposite the farmers who do not use their seed and then sue when the other farm shows signs of their corn.  This happens through cross pollination, which is how plants work, it is impossible not be cross pollinated by corn in a field adjacent.

They are also well know for being the very first to make the “terminator” gene in seeds.  this allows a seed to sprout once and all subsequent seed from this initial planting are sterile, no plants will grow.

The patent for this technology is co-owned by The United States Government.

Now, if you are going to take advice from someone, you would take it from someone who has your best interests at heart.  based on the preceding facts, you can look them up anywhere, including the US patent office, would you say that the Gov’t has your best interests at heart?

We have existed for only 0.0001 percent of earths history and already we have figured out how to prevent people from feeding themselves in a time where world hunger is rampant.

If this does not make you wonder, THINK HARDER=)

Thankfully for my lung infection, i say that based on what I am able to hack out of them, i have re- entered into my more martial state, practicing my kung fu and qi gong to get my lungs back on track…  for every cloud, there is a silver lining, just find it.

I have been dumspter diving, or as we now call, I am part of the dumpster liberation front.  There are 2 things that disturb me about this, A. the sheer quantity of food that is in no way bad, like not even looking at the bright side of it, it’s just good food, i would buy it if it were in the store.

B. The fact that in many places this food is guarded and any attempt to remove by anyone but the trash guys is an outrage and will get the police called quickly.

So, why are we throwing away food that is good and then persecuting/prosecuting anyone who tries to use it?

OUR WORLD IS CONFUSED BY OUR THOUGHTS OF, well, I guess I dont really know, our self importance, would that be the phrase, we cant laugh at ourselves, it’s all so serious….

remember the nail file that wiped out our entire history, we neednt be self important, and according to fossil record, the history of the earth which supersedes that of man, says that we shall be meeting our respective makers very soon.

My thoughts are clear as the other day when being driven to town by my host Shamata, we ended up doing a 360….almost over the edge of Gibraltar mountain, this is really Gibraltar road, the same one that Lance Armstrong uses to train…. It was rainy, she was just driving and the next second we were looking at each other, the side of the road, the fact that the car almost went over, which would have been an epic drop with lots of time for thought on the way down=)

I’m riding up it today, rode down this am, magic, absolutely magic.  lungs are getting better…… Aloha!


One thought on “Praise to Bill Bryson and thank god for lung infections=) nothing to do with bicycling, well, lil bit=)

  1. Wow. Beautiful stream of consciousness writing, Chris. I find it somehow comforting that all of human history is so minute when compared with the earth’s history. It’s like the feeling I get when confronted with the size of our planet compared to the size of the multiverse. Thanks for writing this thought-provoking post.

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