This will be part diatribe, good one, and part bike journal.  Where to begin…  My last few days, my last week has been so full of magic, no other way to explain really…  My time with Candice was absolutely delightful.  Super cool 23-24, took me winetasting for two days straight all over wine country….

Then, Baraks friend Travers came through with the HUGE hook up of a beach house for two days in Cayucas.  Plenty of surfing done thanks to a friendly price for a wet suit rental.  I must admit that my cough which was starting to leave me definitely feels deeper since my immersion in the waters.  So cold, a cold beyond cold.  My feel and hands whcih bore the brunt of the chill were numb so quickly that they barley bothered me, so cold that if I managed to kick one of the few rocks in the sand, I would have to check to see if I bled as I could have kicked it off and not known, but, there is always that fine line where they start to die off, then I quickly scurry out of the water to  the hot shower=)

When I first surfed in Monterey, I could not even stand due to the cold, now I can do fairly well, though I do not know where my feet are exactly, I have enough of a balance that it no longer matters, a quick check to see that they are flat on the board and off i go.  Further, the extreme cold has allowed my “pop” up faster than ever, and as we know, the “pop” is half of it!

Candice was super sweet, finally a princess whom I could simply hang with, no thoughts of anything but having fun, THAN YOU!

Waking up to the waves in Travers family’s home was epic.  Waking up to that, nothing like it, and I have the rest of the the world and my life to do it….  Thats why the magic, even though my head is so stuffy I can barely think, I’m tired, etc, the sun is shining and life is most assuredly good.

Oh, biking, fantastic.  People ask me over and over what is my favorite part of the trip, finally I have an answer, as for now, the Big Sur heading South part is most beautiful, as for the best people, my answe remains what it always has been, they are ever where and the more I grow up in this adventure each day, the moreI seem to meet=)

I get to go to an Indian Buffet tonight and then to the couch of a guy who was working the register at a smoke shop that I went in to ask questions at…

So how is everyone?  I sent word to everyone I know in Japan today, all is well…..  Please take some time to think about them, wish them well, while you sit there in rush hour traffic cursing the gods, take a moment, step back, THE ONLY REASON YOU CURSE IS BECAUSE IT IS A LIFE EASILY LIVED.  Do not forget the gift of life…..

Aloha from San Louis Obispo!


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