Time in Monterey, Ca (BIKE)

My blog has become quite the in depth look into my mind, so now, two types of blog for me, one will be about what i come across on my ride (labeled BIKE, this will also be on crazyguyonabike.com), the other, thoughts and working out my stuff on e-paper (labeled WTF).

This mornign was rad.  rainy day here in Monterey.  I got Dionne my host to drop me at the beach with a board a wetsuit and the newly requisite booties (thanks Brian D.).

I was in the water for 10 minutes before i got my first wave, the cold here is so brutal it bypasses shock and suprise and just sinks into your bones so you can think about it long after the session ends.

I got called out to fight, that was fun, not sure why, but, whatever, it never came to be, thank god, how can people want to fight while there are waves, what are you out there for, and this guy was good, he could catch air, why bother, sigh……=)

Once that good fun ended I kept on going, the cold went from bad to nothing, i hit the point where i couldnt feel anymore, thats always a welcome feeling.  i hung out for a bit with a sea lion.  It was cool on one hand and the other, there was a lot of barking going on, so i got a little nervous that maybe it(not sure if it was guy or girl, not trying to be unfeeling) was peeved at me, but then, I’ve been in that mind set for a bit now.

It’s been a really great time here for me for many reasons.  I now have an idea of what i need to be working on in regard to speaking, like getting a format so it is not as random and all over the place.  Met a lot of people, thankful for that….

Got a heroes welcome, got to feel the feeling of “hope”, got to cook, bike was fixedbefore i even had time to let my coffee cool, got to be there for the first time a young one stood up on a board… been a great place for me…=)

I’m stoked, tomorrow i get to speak at the final school for this area and then Tuesday, I’m off, I’ve already been here over a week, how does this happen=)

Big Sur next, then Santa Barbara, La…….  Aloha!



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