Letter to Christopher Moore, author of “Lamb” one of the best books I have read in 2 months=)

Aloha, I just finished your missive – Lamb, I know missive doesn’t mean “book”, but for me, it was more of a message, but now I’m babbling on.
I am riding my bicycle around the world to promote peace and environmental awareness.  I have come through much in life, all of it good and easy, though at the time, like most humans it was miserable and very difficult, even when I had over a million bucks with my second wife doing “happy white powder” daily in South beach it was somehow “tough”, silly monkey…  What is it, most Americans get hot water simply by turning a valve, yet so many need that valve to be gold and usually just end up settling for gold plating=)
Well, here I am in Monterey, CA, speaking at schools, admonishing the little ones not to let their dreams be taken by the powers that be and to realize their connection with the planet and to… “be nice”…  I’m learning, I never even did long distance bike touring, let alone talk to people about what may or may not be the best way to live life in accordance with values that arent even mine but picked out of many books and whispers over the years.  Well, I guess they are mine now=)
Why am I writing this, oh, your book, Lamb.  For the first time I had a glimmer, a realization that may or may not be what I wanted to have.  Man is man and has been that way since time immemorial, I set out on this ride with the intention of possibly making a profound difference, O.k., I’m over that now, not due to your book, I met so many people since leaving Lancaster, PA all the way through to CA, well, everyone wants things to be different, but I’m not seeing anyone do much more than blog on facebook in regard to making changes.  I cant blame them, if you watch T.V. you’re pretty much screwed.  I cant blame them, like I just came down from Mount Olympus to see how the project is coming along… god, I’m screwed…
What I did glean from reading your novel (I feel I have to keep changing the word to describe your work), is that now I kinda feel that man will not stop being a moron (judge not lest ye be judged) until the last bit of ore is wrenched from the ground and fashioned into some sort of weapon…
I just spent the last 5 years living in Hawaii studying farming and Chinese medicine, surfing, sampling every variety of weed known to the Pacific rim, and, funny enough, Kung Fu, though I still manage to be clumsy at times (many times).
I guess this is a letter to say thanks and If you have any clues to help a guy breathe easier, let me know=)  I’m concerned for our race…  I’m concerned about me…
If you do go to the website, most things are still on facebook – pedaling for peace, until I get everything worked out=)

Aloha and thanks for taking the time to write so well!
Chris Bornstein

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