Killer Amoebas From outer Space…

My gandpa used to say that all the time, got watch out for those killer amoebas…

Yeah, guess so.

Leaving San Fran was tough for me, i really love the city, like a big city made of little towns, people are friendly, people seem largely happy, except when they drive, cars somehow make people mad ultimately, I am still working on this, so we are in theory only.

I made it to the happy town of Half Moon bay with little to no trouble, nice ride, LOTSA hills.

I did some ninja camping on a cliff overlooking the ocean and had quite a night re-adjusting to my mummy sleeping bag/bivvy sac.  I tossed and turned so much I cant remember actually sleeping, and yet, i rode to Santa Cruz the next day, so i must have done something at some point=)

The ride from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz was interesting at best, you know, i need to be more of a man anyway, it was interesting.  It is rare that I have had to pedal DOWNHILL, and yet there I was, of course, the extreme headwind was backed up by the ever popular, steady cold drizzle/blast or hard rain.

Absolutely nothing like it to get me screaming at God the sky, wind, rain, basically showing people how truly inept at being one with the planet I am.

I am staying with some of the raddest people here in Santa Cruz, it’s beautiful, things keep coming together more and more and more.  I’m not sure HOW this is going to come together, but for sure it is, apparently i am mean to…


O.K., I love Santa Cruz, also, i am learning what it is to be en-guarde.  these bike theives are so super smooth and fast, like waaay beyond ninja fast, So far my under saddle bag is gone and all my lights.  Strange in a way, one of the most chill laid back places, and yet the bike crime is ridiculous, not just me and my sob story, I was talking with the Bike co-op, the Bike Church Santa Cruz and they get broken into with a regularity to the point they have some hard core window dressing….

K, time to talk to the guys at Spokesman, i need a tube, it was stolen…..=)


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