I just dropped in, to see what condition my condition was in (Kenny Rogers via the Big Lebowski)

My going away dinner, aside form being a fantastic fun time, was so fantastic and fun that i can no longer leave today lest my, I dont even know what I am saying…

Based on the posters I remember, when we are taught not to drink the drink that you can buy nearly anywhere as long as you have lived for 21 years, the posters show a bottle, a glass, usually wine and a shot, not sure what kind.  Takes an hour to process the x factor (is it a glass a bottle or a shot and how many of the respective, factor in the heavy pour=) drink.

I may still be inebriated, sounds so much nicer than drunk, people trying to save the world dont get drunk…..


Brandon said a telling statement this am, “get good people and good food together and the time is always great.”

So true, perhaps this is how we should think of re-shaping foreign policy.  We just get the people together, they can remove thier jackets, roll up thier sleeves and cook in a kitchen.

You may laugh initially, let this one sink in, you know it would work…. you know it…  I know you know…

My first thought against this was, well, politicians arent good people.  Thats fallacy, all people are good people, they have simply put themselves in positions where they are now afraid to be good, this si unfortunate, this is one of the oldest crimes known to man, good people purposely being ignorant and not doing what is right, no semantics, we can agree that it is right to stop war at all cost, To perpetuate violence is wrong for interpersonal interaction all the way to international interaction, wherever there is injustice or poor…. blah blah blah, I felt like I was going to fall throught he shower when I leaned my head against the wall, a “swimming” feeling came over me and it felt like i was falling through the tiles of the wall, so then I did my favorite thing to do in a shower, I sat on the floor.

You ever sit on a floor in a shower?  It truly doesnt matter who you are, you gotta shower sit, disregard your socio economic status and shower sit, feel peace rain over you….

So here I am, hungover, waiting to meet with my first ever girlfirend!  How cool is that, she lives close by and we’ll have some coffee, some tea, some park time with her children…  She was my first heartbreak, i remember my mom being so nervous for me, seeing her son at the kitchen table, crying into the phone cause he just got dumped for the first time…,”…The magic is over Chris…”

I still remember it to this day=)  The moment when i felt something new in my heart…

So much good food, it’s amazing how we have it so good, even for our lowest echelon socio-economically.  It truly is of perspective, We take our food, our water, our electricity, plumbing, these are taken as, well, this is just how it is….

Well, no its not, and there is a reason why the “World” is upset with us, we are arrogant in our ignorance of how it truly is in comparison to the whole.

That being said, I am so happy to be sitting here, typing on a computer, listening to Hawaiian music, the real chill kine, wit da crooning uncles, so nice, so chill….

Critical mass ride tonight, Derailleurs Bicycle Burlesque show and tomorrow, I ride=)


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