Good times, facebook, kung fu, banana trees, ornamental bananas…

I’m getting ready to leave a place that I have lived a lifetime.  So many wonderful people, so much going on, a completely re-made bike, chain and gears polished clean, everything tuned and tweaked by Maurice’s ninja touch.  Thanks to everyone for showing me a good time here…  I never had the thought of Off Roading on this trip and now it stands out as one of my most magical days ever, not only did I get to see Cabo Wabo and crooner supreme, I also got to go through a trail that could only be, for me, it’s like ripping through a J.R.R. Tolkein novel, the way the sun light at sunset makes the forest come alive… All of that in large part due to Chris from Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB), he’s the one who called the magic and convinced us to go…

Speaking of Chris from WTB, huge thanks to you and WTB for the saddle and the rubber, initail run of Pure V saddle is excellent!  MAHALO!

My website is being worked on by Yumi, the artist who designed it in the first place, so happy=)  Aloha Yumi!

I have been able to focus a lot of time on my martial practice, for me it is more spiritual, kind of like when we did drywall with wade, hilarious, broken lights, ragged cuts, great talks, very little actual work done, sorry Brandon, no worries, next day Ex-Speed Racer, “The Batman” came by to lend a hand.

I’ve helped out a the Albert and Eve warehouse, packing site, I got so cold, I even put on latex gloves, anything for heat.  Such a wuss…  oh well, Island style=)

I chopped down the second ornamental banana today, as big as the first one, they hold so much water!  It was therapeutic and good practice, I managed to completely take them down with a 10lb axe, a civil war cutlass, and a pick axe.

The sword is shiny now, it even has it’s edge back by degrees….  Tom Petty, if you dont run, you rust.

So, now I pack, I’m getting ready for my going away dinner tomorrow evening, due in part to the kind donation from Good earth organics in Fairfax=)

Now my favorite part of the trip, packing, getting ready to go….  A lot of things have changed for me and my journey thanks to my short stay in San Francisco.  On one hand I am more clueless than ever, on the other, somehow, for whatever the reason, I finally feel that I am doing what I am meant to be doing, at least for now…..  Make a difference and die, my new motto for life=)

Aloha!  time to pack…..


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