A simple vegan lasagna that tastes so good… and of course, it will make you a ninja…

I have done my very best to make this bulletproof, foolproof, tasty, ninjafied etc….  feel free to really stretch your mind, i have given you, not a clearly defined set of rules, but a loose framework, get into it.  The cost is roughly the same as regular lasagna, the amount of protein in mine will be the same or more, and the protein is easier for your body to use, those of you who actually know me know that I do not care what a person eats, not my judgment, I just want people to be epically healthy, I feel that vegan is a good way to do that, vis-a-vis, the following=)


Start with the sauce, it has to simmer….  Make sure and cook your noodles if you have cookable kind!  If you are vegan, read your labels, a lot of noodles have egg!

The Sauce!

Tomatoes, lots of them, A lot of times I use two big cans of tomatoes.  If you can get fresh, waaaay better, the less processed the better, canning kills important stuff, try and remember  this… simmer them with red peppers and garlic, parsley, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, this is  a  ”to taste part” of the cooking, you are going to want a full blender and a half.
You will need a lot of sauce, and if you make too much, it can always be frozen or used for a quick noodle meal later=)
Start by browning the peppers and onions, then add garlic/parsley/oregano/basil, when everything is browning nicely, add the tomatoes and let it simmer for, well, a long time, and maybe add a little sugar, natural sugar, cuts the acidity, use a tablespoon at first…  taste this one a lot, its a key component….

this is the ingredient list for the moch riccota:

2 packages tofu – 1 firm and 1 X-tra firm
a lotta cloves of garlic
juice from one lemon (big) or 2 medium
sea salt (regular is ok as well, sea salt is exponentially healthier for you)
1/4 cup of non dairy milk (I like almond for this one, or unsweetened coconut, they’re thicker)
10 ounces or more of chopped spinach/Kale
fresh basil to taste, usually 15-20 leaves finely chopped, or rough cut, either way… dry basil fine too.

Blend them all together, you want the consistency to be creamy with some body to it….  Now add chopped spinach (10 ounces roughly… what do I know about 10 ounces…  until the white has green all through it, it’ll just look right) place to side and DO NOT CLEAN BLENDER, you’ll be blending the sauce next, so keep the good stuff…

Now, the filling:

I like “tofurky” Italian sausage, also, feel free to use tempeh, if using tempeh, 2 packages to be safe.
1 onion
Pepper (green, whatever)
a lotta more garlic cloves
mushrooms, I like shittake as they have medicinal value, portobellos(I have no clue how to spell this and spellchecker does not even recognize it) are nice, any will work great…
Feel free to get creative, add eggplant, asparagus, whatever you want as a filling.  This is cooking, not rocket science, so be CREATIVE.
saute all ingredients together in oil of your choice, olive is great as it is an Italian meal, start with tofurky and onion, then add shrooms, then garlic, garlic last so it doesn’t burn, brown O.K., burn. no good, makes it bitter…
place to side.

The sauce should be right as rain now, turn it off….

Get out your lasagna pan or pans if you’re really going for it and put a nice layer of sauce in the bottom, like 1/4 inch maybe a little less….  maybe a bit more…  now add your first layer of noodles, then add a layer of “ricotta”, now place a layer of filling, then a layer of sauce, now noodles, do you see where this is going… now “ricotta”, filling, sauce, noodles, at this point you will probably b eat the top of the pan, put the rest of the sauce on the top of the noodles…

You could have preheated the over, but lets be energy conscious, this isnt bread, it’s lasagna, it doesnt have to be preheated!  Place it in at 350 for 45 minutes, when its hot and really bubbly, you’re set.

Get it on the table, depending on how big you are wanting to go, make a nice salad with dark leafy greens, sprouts, light dressing made from Apple cider vinegar (unfiltered raw is healthiest and tastiest), olive oil, kalamata olives…  Wine, red is nice, but so is white (I’m not drinking so, you know, do what you will=), sparkling water is great, and so is tap, bread, well, you really should have a baguette on hand, get good bread or make it, good bread only costs about 2 dollars for a fresh loaf….

Rock and roll, enjoy and Aloha!

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