Hooray for Soup, Hooray for the San Mateo Marlins!!!!

What a wonderful evening I had last night, for many reasons, even the fact i finally saw the facebook movie and it really held my attention, thats not the crux of this though, the crux, is the Marlins, the oldest Masters class in America, founded by Mr. Raymond Taft in 1972, they have the distinction of being swim club number – 001

Many thanks go to the kindness of Kitsa, I met her in a bike shop while getting the bikes ready for a ride with the children that Carlin is nannying for, next thing, here I am at one of the most pleasant social functions I have been to in some time, EVERYONE was extremely kind, very cool, down to earth and a ninja athlete, why, just before I left I met a gentleman who showed me his belt buckle, 100 miles in under 30.  100 miles running in under 30 hours, he actually did his in under 24, and there were others of his running class there.  Kristine Buckley who swam the English Channel in ’01


I just got back from Mavericks and it looks as though there may be a good many things coming my way….=)  Thank you world, god, people, friends, I promise not to let any of you down…  I’m ninja=)


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