Returning to what i feel is my “normal”…

I off er huge thanks to what I learn now is a very good friend, Carlin…=)  I met her in Hawaii at Ultimate Frisbee, and later we went on to have one of the hottest dance nights I have had to this day, and, may ever have….

A lot has happened to me on this trip, many people have thought many things, most find that I have been a boon to their lives, while there are those who have viewed my coming into their lives as a most unwelcome intrusion, even sending me missives on my shortcomings and potential psychological reasons for this…

Meeting up with Carlin has been so fantastic as she knows me, we never “hooked up” and she knows me from a place where I was really in the throws of such a splendid life, that it prompted me to want to help others achieve, if only for a moment, their dreams…  She is a grounding force for me as she can help me see if i am lying to myself, and vis-a-vis to others, turns out I’m O.K.=)


The world is made up of many people, always hold judgment on anyone as the overarching them for that persons life may be so far from what you would instantly pin it down to be, never judge, never expect, never have an aim to do harm…..

I once sold health club memberships for what was to be a very posh healthclub in Glendale, the 24 hour fitness Glendale sporting club.

I do not know what happened to it and for the premise of this story, it does not matter.  my story has been told a thousand times in a thousand books and will be told forever more when trying to get others to see what is truly important, or as Rumi says, to get people to focus on what is TRULY important, “We get drunk from the wine, not form the cup…”

The lady came pushing a shopping cart of her belongings into the sales center, no one wanted to help her.  I thought to myself, at least she is interesting….  I gave her the full on tour of whatever it was we did, I spent an hour or so with her.  At the end she thanked me for taking my time, for not judging her, and then she paid me 5k in cash for a multi year membership with A LOT of personal training.

Her husband had died the week prior and left her a sizable chunk of cash due to life insurance, she had always had a dream of being in shape, and it was the first thing she wanted to buy before she made the decision to change anything else in her life.

Reserve your judgment, it does not serve you.

Maurice T., the Publisher of Dirt Rag Mag, and Bicycle Times, through his patience and understanding, I have no doubts about what I am doing anylonger and I have a plan as it were=0  Fior mice and men, it seems, we are always in need of a plan, no matter that he who plans early plans twice (Keff Carter USN pilot), without a plan, most of us fall short of achieving anything, even people who wish to become enlightened, follow a prescribed way of a attaining this, they follow a plan, so now i have one, and not only do i have one, but as it turns out, i have not only used the United States of America as my training ground, i have actually been pedaling for peace the whole way!

How, many people ask how i am promoting peace, now I can answer succinctly, i am spreading knowledge of the most important kind, knowledge of how the food you eat affects your body, knowledge about the companies and systems in place which would seek to change your food for better or worse, supplementation, vegan cooking, herbs and now, i am confident once again in the small amount of knowledge i do have when it comes to Chinese medicine.

I’ve been a sympathetic ear to some very deep family issues, spread much knowledge and been a friend, so simple and yet, thats what its all about, showing people another way to look at their ENTIRE WORLD, through your eyes….

It’s the morning, the cat, Slats is puttering around, a dog is barking somewhere close by, down the street to my left, one of those constant barks, aliens…?


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