The tale of the inverse 2 wheel ninja….

So there I was, on a single speed 26 inch Mountain bike flying (slight exaggeration, more like cruising at a decent speed) down the first descent of the day.

The terrain was fairly gnarly when I felt the back of the bike begin to lift, at this point, my initial gt response was to hit the front brake, not a good plan at all it turns out, the ground went all wopsy on me and fell away in the wrong direction, oh, it’s not falling away wierd, It’s just that I am now upside down in the air, and the bike is upside down above me somewhere….  The feeling was really cool, albeit in the back of my mind I knoew that all things which go up must come down, but, luckily, i was so amazed at how things were progressing, the thought of my impending crash landing was far away.  When I did hit, I was very fortunate to hit with a roll and somehow even come back to an upright position holding the bicycle by the bars, it looked good…

The primary losses/gains in my tumultuous adventure were an exploded Clif goo packet in my boardshorts pocket and some serious scrapes, BUT, considering that I just cartwheeled over solid quarry rock, i was very happy with this as a result…

A HUGE thanks to my group I have been allowed to ride with from El Cerrito High school, you are a such a rad group of people, I love that nickname you have given me and thanks for the great times, I do not know If I will be able to ride with you all again,if not, many thanks for being the crew that saw me come into my own with this form of riding, IT ROCKS!!!!

And equal thanks to Maurice and Robert for ensuring that I always have a sweet pair of wheels under me, or over me as the case may be=)

So, that was the beginning to my day, from there a trip to “The Haight”, very cool, San Fran is soooooooooo cool, hippie kids smokin joints on the corner, pubs and bars exploding with so many varieties of people, the “Citrus Noodle”, I think thats what it was, the coolest noodle house I have been to in a very long time=)

The days here are so rich, if I am not having a blast seeing new things and being turned on end, then I am having one on one instruction in Escrima which i now have the beginning of a sword form, something I really love, THANKS DIETER!!!!!!

What else, just saw the Martin Luther King parade, bless his heart for what he did….=)

And now, well, I dont have much going on today, looking ahead to when I will need a new bike and starting to contact the players in the biz…..  And of course, lots of training!


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