I may just leave my heart in San Francisco…

Since arriving at Maurice’s home, I have had nothing but a fantastic time.  I have ridden offroad with the El Cerrito Highschool Mountain Bike Club, weeded and turned a bed that now has the 40-60 garlic I planted growing, have been given non-stop Escrima lessons by Deiter, the roommate who has studied for long enough that he is now, in my book, old man served up ninja style.  He is so quick and precise, it boggles my mind and I’m right there!

My back wheel is going to be enlightened with the power of 36 spokes, as will my front wheel and whatever else needs motivation….

I’ve been taken on some of the most fantastic city bike rides I have ever been on, in my life, seriously…..

Been able to cook some amazing meals for large groups of people=)  Ninja curry with ninja sauce (hot sauce comprised of soy, ponzu, habanero and thai chiles finely chopped, garlic and ginger, finely chopped, sea salt, chili paste, water and olive oil) and brown rice!

I am to meet new and old friends, Like Carlin, from Hawaii who now lives here, my bro Lu, who is in LA, My first ever girlfriend, carey and her family….  It’s a dream=)

My website, pedalingforpeace.com/org/net will be up soon and functional, what else…..

No longer going to India, for yoga ninja retreat, bummer, for now…..but I’ll be gettin there sooner or later=)

Now what, more escrima time=)


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