The Vegas Ninja Experience and the subsequent ride to Pasadena…

I still do not know the name of the guy who gave me a ride to Pasadena, I find it very odd that I do not know his name, odd even for me the best of the best when it comes to forgetting names, I live by the virtue of whats in a name, anyway, odd as I spent a ride in a Civic all the way from Vegas.

He was a Chinese man, about 45, hope I’m not shooting too high, he talked and was very interested in all things relating to women and picking them up and dancing with them, he even showed me his “bondage” dance, which included some kung fu moves.

Now before you get the wrong idea, this dude is really cool and he isnt a sketchy or creepy dude, we need to get that out there, He shared enough with me that if there was creepiness going on, I would have got it in the 4 hours we were driving… If there would have been undue sketchiness, I trust you all know I would have done something about it, it is after all my self appointed lifes work to keep women and children safe, regardless of law, law is made by man to preserve himself, he does not care for women and children.  Never forget this when you need to decide whats right.

The only real crazy part of this is the amount of times he nodded off at the wheel, by the time we hit Pasadena, I had the AC blasting and dance music  pumpin, hey, we made it right=)  Next I found myslef at Mischa’s  3 story condo….

Life is a blast, today I should be in San Francisco to get my bike fixed the rest of the way, this is turning into a heck of an adventure.

I am now riding for World Bicycle Alliance, they have a good program going, and I have decided to just pick up worthy causes on the way and will ride for them all, so, please take a look at them and feel free to give=)

I’m now watching Dominoe, about a Bounty Hunter chic who has a British accent and a serious case of whoop ass…

Maybe thats why the writing has a tough guy tone right now=)

In Vegas, I was sitting int he Nightlife Guru offices and talking with one of the partners/Dj’s, Pat, he was under the impression that I was dead for the last few years, he was happy to see me, and happy to see that I wasnt dead.

I was pretty stoked as well.



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